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  • Bench/SCMS Table

    Hi All,

    I am looking into making a bench approx 3'w x 6' l and plan to mount my 12'SCMS in the middle. My idea is to create a recess area in the bench that will allow the SCMS cutting area to be level with the rest of the bench.

    Has anyone created anything like this? If so pics/plans would be great.

    I felt a set-up like this will help when cutting larger/longer boards.


    -Peter W. Lent<BR>PMi Solutions<BR>

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    Hey peter,
    I did something like this with my 12"CMS not a slide miter, but it does work very well just keep in mind how much clearance you will need behind the saw because it is a slider. Mine sit's on the left end of my bench and I just built a section the same depth as the bench and aprox 30" wide(how ever much room you need for the base plus a couple of inches on eithr side) then measure down what ever the height of the saw's base and lag the extension there then I just used two 2x4's from the far end to the bench for support. I know it is had to envision.If I were to do over I would definitly do it in the middle of the bench like you. It was kind of an after thought. I will try to get a picture but my garage if FULL of kitchen cabinets so I don't have a shop right now.