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    Hello Gents,

    I have recently finished a workbench in my shop and I am looking for a bench-end vise to go on it. I have seen the "Norm" add one to a bench using peg holes and a moveable block across the bench top as the stationary side of the vise. That looks pretty handy since you never really know how long the next glue-up is going to be. Since the bench is 12 ft long, I think that I could use that method instead of buying a 10ft pipe clamp. Does anyone know where I could find the hardware to add this to the bench? Is this the way to go or is there a better mousetrap that I have not yet seen?

    Thanks for the guidance,

    P.S. Is there any way to attach a picture to a post here or would I have to post it on the web and then link to it?

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    There are numerous bench vices on display at my local Woodcraft store - see their web site at and link to workbench hardware or follow this ugly link. dept%5Fid%3D10000%26Tree%3D%2CDepartments&1=dept%2 Easp%2Cdept%5Fid%3D1027%26menu%5Fid%3D%26Tre e%3D0%2CWorkbenches%20%26%20Hardware&Gift=False&ms cssid=7B4F8CDDB8E3461D9D9D6E6282C78ED5

    Keep in mind that plumbers are often glad to give away used pipe, so one pipe clamp will work with lots of different pipes, so having a long pipe clamp may be almost free.