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    Hey Jake, et al,
    I know this is a bit late, but I was disappointed when I saw Tony Stewart's car in Daytona without "RIDGID" on the quarter panel. I've been an avid Nascar fan for the past 20+ years, and always support sponsors of racing when given the opportunity. For example, if I'm in need of gasoline and at the same intersection there are 2 or more stations, I'll always choose Unocal 76. Same goes for my laundry detergent, snacks, soda, and beer. If they support racing, I support them. So when it came time for a MAJOR expansion of the wood shop, RIDGID was the only choice for me (Dewalt sponsors a Ford, I'm not going there!). It didn't hurt that I could see and touch the entire product line in one display at the track. So after spending many thousands of dollars on a sponsor's products, I'm a bit bummed that they abandon us die-hard consumers, at least at the track. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Tony Stewart fan, I supported Ridgid because they supported racing. Just as I buy only Tide for the laundry but I'm not a fan of Ricky Craven. I'm completely satisfied with my tools, but I'd sure like to see Ridgid back on the side of the #20 car. Sorry for my rant, but I had to get it off my chest. I haven't heard a word on this topic anywhere. John.

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    hey John!
    I was sorry to see our name come off the car as well. We had a ton of fun at the races I made a LOT of new friends through Ridgid co-sponsoring the HD car. In fact, i didn't watch racing before my company was on that car!! However, even though Ridgid is off I still watch the race every weekend. Even got to see Tony win in Bristol last season!! Ridgid is one of the reasons I'm into Nascar now... Ridgid is also the reason i'm into power tools. I hope you continue to support Ridgid even though we stopped our sponsorship. Think of it as you sponsoring us!!!
    Thanks for the memories TRAILBLAZER TEAM