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"New" molding head cutter

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  • "New" molding head cutter

    Hey guy's,
    A friend of mine just gave me a Craftsman Kromedge moulding set with 6 profiles. The set is probably 25 (or more) years old, but has never been used. It fits a 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" arbor (comes with bushings) and the head itself has a cutting diameter of 4 3/4". I'm just wondering if these "Kromedge" blades are able to be resharpened, and is there anything I should be concerned about before I give this set a shot on my TS2424. Thanks.

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    Gary--you want to always make sure the cutters are properly positioned and seated and tightened and you use an insert to fit the cutters. You'll wanted featherboards pushing down and to the side. Take small cuts for both safety and quality and never stand in direct line with the cutter.

    Krome edge are the easiest to sharpen---however, if you ever have one cutter, which needs more sharpening, you'll need to balance the weight and length of the cutters.

    Worth saying again---do not take aggressive cuts.


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      Thanks for the feedback Dave.



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        Look here:

        for an example with what can be done with your molding head. On these, I tilted the head slightly (5 degrees) to get the straight slope (planer cutters) and the beads (beading cutters). Other than taking it slow as advised, the only thing you need to get used to are the sound effects (WHOOOOOM!).

        I have had mine for more than 20 years, never had to sharpen any cutters except the planer ones, which were used quite a bit as my "jointer" before getting one.


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          Very cool. Thanks Gary. Were you using a "standard" dado insert, or did you make a zero clearance for your cutter head??