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  • workbench

    was searching for workbench plans, and ran across this ad,in my area on craigslist, what do you think as a bench top and price

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    Re: workbench

    my best work bench is made from the pin setting area of a bowling alley, (I had to level mine but that is not that hard if needed,

    the lanes I think are made from hard fir lumber, the pin setting area (or mine was from maple)
    yes you will hard ever find that much weight and solidness for a bench than in bowling alley section,

    I banded mine with a oak edge,

    to flatten screw two flat boards on the long edges, level and make sure there parallel, extend past the ends of the top, up about 1/2" above the top average,

    then make a over sized router base from a piece of 3/4 ply that is twice as the top is wide, long plus about a 12" and about 8" wide, put in a flat bottom bit and find the lowest point and start to rout back and forth and sand out when done,

    this is a little different but the same idea for the way to flatten and level it,

    another on a smaller scale

    here is a good article as well, most likely the first URL was taken form here,

    over the years when there sanded and refinished, they can become crowned and dipped,

    but even if one would laminate a bench out of 2x4's or similar the method I stated above can be used to flatten out a top,

    I built a base out of angle iron for mine,
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      Re: workbench

      Going to pick up the 6 footer this morning, thanks for the links


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        Re: workbench

        Be aware that thing is probably gonna have a million nails in it.

        Be careful with your cutting tools.


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          Re: workbench

          was going to pick up bowling lane for workbench top, but checked craigslist this morning and ran across this add, I think this is better, no nails, maybe I can try to get it at a lower price, but the 400 maybe worth it