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  • TS3650 - Why not?

    Hey all-

    New here. I was directed here by someone on the Breaktime board. Here was my original post there:

    I'm just about to apply the finishing touches to the inside of a new garage/workshop. I've now got space for a larger/more permanent table saw (not to mention the boatload of other tools I'll need to buy) and have been checking out contractor saws. I've had my Bosch 4000 jobsite saw for 2-3 years now, but would like to get into making some furniture - I guess I need a slightly larger saw with a higher grade of precision. A cabinet saw is out of the question ($$$).

    From perusing discussion boards and looking at reviews, I can't see any reason not to buy the Ridgid saw. I spent a good half-hour in HD the other day trying to practically break the thing (don't ever buy the floor model if I've been there first) and it seems solid. It's several hundred less than comparable saws and the fence seems great - I couldn't get it to move (I stopped short of grabbing a hammer) - and has t-slots everywhere for attachments. Anyone have experience with the Ridgid - positive or negative? How tough is it to align the fence/blade/miter slot? Any qualms with the tilt crank/lock? And what's the latest with some of the arbor issues with stack dado sets?

    Many thanks,


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    In answer to your question, the saw is a good saw. However, if you look in the 'Ask The Woodworking Exports' dg you will see a large thread dealing with an arbor issue. If you are not going to use a stacked dado, you'll be fine. If you are going to use a stacted dado, are you willing to put in place the temp fix mentioned until the arbor situation is rectified?

    Depending on how you answer these questions make your decision. Again the saw is a good saw and people in this group love'em. I, like you looked hard and long at the 3650. I finally decided I preferred a saw that had a 2hp motor, no finger pinching slots on the table surface and deal with a company that showed me good cs before the purchase by answering pre purchase questions quickly via email. I went with a Griz 444z.


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      Rather than me trying to sum up all the comments that have already been made, just do a search for 3650 and you'll have plenty of reading to make your own mind.

      Just realize that the people who post are generally strong-willed either for or against it. There are a whole bunch of people who have purchased the saw (or any other tool, for that matter) that are content with their purchase, they just don't feel so strongly as to say much about it.

      I've had one for just about a year now, and I'm happy with it. Although there are many posts that attest to the ignorance of Home Depot and their staff, I don't want or care for their input on my tool purchases anyway. A big reason that I went with the TS3650 over other brands was that it was easy to just walk in and carry it home.



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        Jim's point is valid. Some people want to touch and feel the product before they buy. I understand that fully. I grilled Grizzly with email for this reason. I don't regret getting the saw sight unseen, but there was a knot in my stomach until it arrived, in one piece, and I used it.

        Go also to woodworking websites where tools are evaluated such as American Woodworker or


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          Just a comment, as I have been one of the "regulars" on that big thread you are talking about. I have had my 3650 for about 5 weeks now. It is an EXCELLENT saw, especially at this price point. Arbor issue notwithstanding, I'd buy it again. There is a workaround for the arbor issue, and I do expect RIDGID/TTI/OWT to fix this thing pretty soon. I'm also pleased that they now seem more accessible and concerned with improving this product, as well as their customer relations.
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            I bought my TS3650 about 2 months ago and I can't tell you how pleased I am with mine. Stability is not an issue. I added a router table wing to the right side of the saw and it's still rock solid with no tilting or flexing.
            The arbor issue with dado blades is perplexing but I don't use a dado anyway. I bought my saw to drum custom wood drum shells. Assembly-get ready for an all day project..but clearly a well written manual except for a few little steps.
            Herculift base is the $hit....Buy the saw, you won't regret it.


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              I have a lot of ridgid tools, but when it came time for an investment as big as a table saw, I had to go elsewhere. Your table saw is argued by many to be the heart of the shop. Therefor is a major investment.

              I started off with a cheap crapsman and rgreted it from the start. Not to say the 3650 is as cheap as a crapsman, but think long and hard on this purchase. Cry a little more now and get the best you can.

              Me personally, I went with the Grizzly G0444Z as well. Great saw for a very good price. But be for warned,,,,,, they are raising there prices the first of the year. No idea how much, but it could hurt to think too long.

              I have a G0555 coming tommarrow or the next day, got in befor the increse. By the way G0555 is a 14 inch band saw.

              Good luck to you and happy woodworking,



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                Jason---I've been around this board long before OWT took over the Ridgid line. I can tell you that this arbor issue is just the latest in a string of problems that the saw has had. To be fair---things like the wobbly legs and loose screws inside the motor housing, and lack of accessories appear to have been addressed---at least they don't appear as often as they once did.

                I think the saw has some good points, but frankly, with all their problems, I don't think it's worth the asking price----$400---maybe, but for $600 you shouldn't have to be fixing arbors, weak legs or motors. I'd really suggest looking at the Griz'.


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                  The 3650 has a arbor problem when using dado blade. Ridgid has said they will fix it, we will see. Other wise the only people that have a problem with the saw seems to be people who do not have one.

                  If you can afford one buy a uni or a pm 66. If you want a good saw for under $600 buy the 3650.

                  I use a router for my dados, so I did not notice the problem.


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                    Hi Jason - The vast majority of saws at this price point are very capable. To me, whether or not to buy is more a matter of comparing this saw with the others around the price range and classification. There are strengths and weaknesses with each. Which is best depends on what's important to you.

                    The Ridgid saw has some good features....36" rip, Herculift, DC shroud, and cast iron wings. It also has some characteristics that raise some concerns for me that don't compare well with the competition...the plastic fence handle appears to a weak point that may not last in the long run, and more importantly the fact that this type of fence design can be locked down out of square if the user isn't careful. The miter gauge is average, but so are many of the others with the exception of the Grizzly and new Sears gauges, which are pretty decent. The steel Biesemeyer type t-fence on the Grizzly, Bridgewood, and new Delta 36-675 and 36-680 are all considerably more rugged and as precise...these are similar to the types of fences that come on cabinet saws.

                    There have been some issues with earlier versions of the 3650. The arbor issue has apparantly been around for a while, but has only recently gotten enough attention to be considered a legitimate problem on at least some of the saws. (it appears fairly big, but not 100%)

                    Here's a couple of links that may be of interest to you regarding issues with the saw: Good luck with your decision.
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