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BS14000 BS 14002??

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  • BS14000 BS 14002??

    Like many others, 2 Local HDs are clearing out the Emerson products. One store has a BS14002 (this is the model number on the tag on the saw) for $349.00. Another HD has a BS 14000 marked for $349.00 plus the manager says another 10%.

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    I didn't mean to post that until I asked.... What is the difference between the two? I have a 2424 which I like, and I wasn't yet in the market for a BS but at these prices is it a good deal??
    Thanks for any advice


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      Never seen the BS1402, and I'm not sure the folks t Ridgid have either. the BS1400 can still be had here for $349 now.


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        The only difference between the "minor releases" of the Ridgid tools are the accessories that come with, basically.

        For instance, one of the differences between the 14000 and 14001/14002 is the inclusion of the sanding belt and kit. AC5006 on this page, plus a part that attaches to the saw.

        Actually, I lied slightly above. Also different between the 14000/14001 and the 14002 (I believe) is the new orange coloring to the saw. Looks great on the tools I have seen so far at HD.


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          I have a BS14002. It's grey. I couldn't figure out the difference between the 0,1 and 2 models either. Probably accessories as Bunzo said.


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            I think I have the 14001. It has the TEFC motor. The 14000 or earlier model does not. Read the side of the box. Not sure about accessories.