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  • Garage shop layout

    I just purchased a contractor's T/S and am looking for a good shop layout that will allow me to set up the garage for woodworking when needed and put it away when not needed. I have a standard two car garage (22x24) with the usual stuff stored in it (everthing is absolutely need of cource).
    Thanks Doug Milne

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    Norm Abrams on his workshop show just had a two part program about building a shop on one side of a garage that was still used for vehicles...good program, probably right up your alley
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      I recently ordered the Garage Workshop plans from The New Yankee Workshop myself. Due to costs I am going to build my workshop in stages. The bigest thing for me right now is deciding on what type plywood to use to build the cabinets. You should go to their website and check out the information on the Garage Workshop. You can also order the video of the show or try to catch it as a re-run on HGTV or PBS as I did. I like the plans but will modify them some to meet my needs.


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        Wood Magazine has several shop ideas on line.

        Wood Mag Shop Plans




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          While it's all going to boil down to the existing layout of the garage, and existing obstructions, the sources cited, and likely, many more, will help you out. If you'll settle for fitting one car in, that give you a lot of room to play with. One key element is to make the best use you can, out of the floor space on either side of the garage door (but don't forget to allow for the roll-up or tilt-up door hardware movement

          For me, a big plus was building a little tool shed, to get the lawnmower, gardening tools and camping gear, out of the garage---much less junk to deal with.