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  • TS2400-1 Part Needed

    Pardon my ignorance, I'm trying to get a present for my dad and I know nothing about woodworking.

    My dad owns the TS2400-1 table saw and he has a blade that can be set at various widths to cut a groove in a piece of wood. This blade works great for what he needs, however, the table saw has to have the plate removed that goes around the blade because the cutout is too small for this wider blade. That leaves a big hole around the blade and when he is running boards over it, I fear for his safety.

    A few questions:
    1) What is this piece called? In looking at various documents it looks like it might be a "throat plate" or an "insert".

    2) Is possible to buy a different one for when he is using this wider blade?

    3) Where would I be able to buy one?

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide!

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    Re: TS2400-1 Part Needed

    You can get a Leecraft RG-2 insert for the saw. (it has no slot in it, you install the plate, clamp it down and raise the blade through it to create a zero clearance slot)

    You should be able to easily find a source for the RG-2 (online or at a woodworking store like Woodcraft)


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      Re: TS2400-1 Part Needed

      I would be worried about using one of those wobble type dado blades on a saw like the TS-2400, I wouldn't use one on a full size table saw unless it was all I had available.

      I think a better choice would be a 6" diameter dado set, and you probably won't be able to use it at the full width of 3/4", but I'm not sure as I don't have a 2400 or similar saw.

      He will get much better quality cuts and put less stress on his saw if he uses a regular dado blade set then the wobble or adjustable type blade he has now. I have used the wobble dados, both the single blade and the dual blade designs, so I know what they are about.

      And yes, he needs a insert other then the stock insert to work safely. Either a blank that he can make a custom opening in (best choice) or a dado insert which will have a wide opening, but offers no support for the wood next to the blade and can contribute to splintering or tearing during the cut.
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        Re: TS2400-1 Part Needed

        I think Bob D has offered excellent advice. I have no where near the experience with table saws and dado blades that he has. But, I do know the dangers of using some of these questionable dado-contraptions.

        And, I know very well the dealings of "fathers" who may have habits that are questionable safety concerns for sons like yourself. (I salute you for your concern over his safety!)

        Using the table saw without the insert (also often called a "throat plate", but more commonly referred to as a "clearance plate", I believe) is an accident just waiting to happen, and frankly, your Dad should know better. Good thing he has you!

        Clearance plates are generally easy to make, though I am not familiar with that particular model. So take Bob D's and Tom Apple's advice and follow thru with your quest to get dear Dad on the right path with a proper clearance plate and dado blade method. (I watched my father remove a couple of his finger's when I was just 14... I still remember it well, even after 52 years.)

        Good luck and Merry Christmas to you all,

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          Re: TS2400-1 Part Needed


          I got to thinking about your Dad and his current dado practice on the TS2400-1.

          I don't own this saw, but have a Ryobi BTS-21 which is Ryobi's counterpart. (The Ridgid is certainly a much better saw and is built to reflect it's superior build, materials, features, etc. ) But, I do know that using an adjustable dado is NOT recommended on my saw.

          So, I decided to take a look at the Ridgid, but couldn't find the manual for that particular model. I did find the manual for the later TS2410, and in that manual, at the top of page 34, it clearly states:

          See Figure 45.
          An optional dado throat plate is required for this procedure
          (refer to the Accessories section later in this manual and
          check with the retailer where the table saw was purchased).
          All blades and dado sets must not be rated less than the
          speed of this tool. This saw is designed for use with a 6 in.
          stack dado (up to width of 13/16 in.). Do not use an adjustable
          dado on this saw.

          (Note: I added the color highlight. Also note the recommended type of dado, in the previous sentence.)

          Under the accessories heading on page 41, are the following two throat plates:

          AC1040 Molding/Dado Throat Plate
          AC1045 Zero Clearance Throat Plate

          I'm not sure if these will fit your father's TS2400, but you can check his manual. I believe the changes between the two models were fairly minor though.

          I hope this helps,


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            Re: TS2400-1 Part Needed

            Thank you everyone for your great advice! I'm glad I'm not being over protective of my dad and that it really is a safety issue. Thank you!!!!!

            Happy Holidays to all!


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              Re: TS2400-1 Part Needed

              I would suggest a stacked dado set i use one on my ridgie table saw you add as many or as few as you need and the arbor will hold a full set blades.