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Poor Ridgid displays at Home Depot

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    I want to thank everyone who has posted on this topic for being involved in the Ridgid brand identity. Brand loyalty is important to me and I'm sure it is to most of you as well. This is evident in the brands I use in my shop: Ridgid stationary tools, Delta table top tools, Porter Cable routers and sanders etc...I'm concerned because I want Ridgid to be around for my future needs and it makes me feel great to hear so many of US getting involved. In my opinion its this ear to the consumer that will pay big dividends in the future for Emerson Tool Co. You don't see that at Delta or Jet (great tools nonetheless). This is just one more reason added to the long list of why I buy Ridgid. I should know what I'm talking about, I have almost all their tools
    - Tim


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      Here is what I think we shoild do about this. Let's send them a petition to Ridgid about these problems. I will not make the petition.
      Andy B.


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        The Joliet, Il. has cleanned up since I posted about a month ago, but the other day I was looking at a table saw in the Ridgid display and could not believe that Ridgid would put out this piece of junk. I just happened to glance down and catch the Ryobi logo on it. Now, why would anyone leave this pile of scrap metal in the Ridgid diplay?


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          We have several HD stores around the Portland, OR area and each store is quite different in its priorities. Haven't seen all the problems others have but one store has the tools out and hooked up with dust collection and has regularly scheduled woodworking classes, all using just Rigid tools. Everyone there can answer or refer your questions for quick and accurate answers.
          Another store 1/2 hour away from the above store is on and off again about its Rigid displays, and very few know more about the tools than I do when I'm shopping (not saying much about me, just how little they know).
          If I'm going to drive 1-1/2 hours to get to a HD store in Portland, its an easy guess which one I will choose to go to. I really find it is the individualstore, not the chain.
          Think Highly, Feel Deeply , Speak Plainly


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            Was in the Orlando (Hiawasee Ave.) HD store today. The nice (at least exclusive) enclosure that initally was to display only Ridgid tools has now ben transformed into a display of inexpensive homeowner tools. Ridgid tools scattered throughout the area.

            Don't know what kind of deal Ridgid had with HD but it has obviously terminated or fallen apart.


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              Sounds like Ridgid needs to jack Home Depot up & while they have them jacked up jerk the carpet out from under them.

              Darn I\'ve stretched this board 3 times & it\'s still to short.