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Have xtra 10% off certificates!!

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  • Have xtra 10% off certificates!!

    For next weekend, May 3,4. (Next Sat and Sun, whatever dates they are.) I was given 10 and will probably use a few myself, so if you want one, send me a message with addy and I'll try to get one along to you.

    BTW, Called HD yesterday at noon and mentioned that I heard through the grapevine there was going to be a sale. Was assured by clerk (and supposedly confirmed by manager) that there was not going to be any 10% off sales that they knew of. Today, took wife to work at HD where she picked up her check and was also given 10 coupons. Funny thing is, payday is Thursday. The employees who just got the stupid coupons didn't even havve a clue!

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    Maybe the stupid employees didn't feel like giving you any seeing as how it is an employees friends and family appreciation event, and with an attitude like that they probably didn't consider you a friend??


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      Funny how a post can be read two ways.
      I read this post as "stupid coupons" and Depotdru reads it as "stupid employees".
      I read it as Mike3206's wife is a HD employee, and they as employee's didn't have a clue there was a sale coming up.
      Mike3206 is in fact trying to give some away!
      Rob Johnson
      Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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        I think you have indeed taken the conversation the wrong way. It actually went something like this...

        "Hello, thanks for calling home depot, how can I assist you" to which I replied, "Good morning, I heard through the grapevine that you may be having a 10% of sale or coupons coming up and was wondering if this was true?". Her reply was, "I haven't heard anything, but the manager is in a meeting with another manager and they may be discussing if there is a sale going to happen. call back in a little while and I'll let you know for sure". I said thanks and got her name. She was very friendly.

        When I called back, I spoke with the same woman and was told that the manager knew nothing about any upcoming sales. I said ok, thanks for letting me know.

        Also, when I said "stupid coupons", I was merely upset that the coupons were indeed real, and that the employees were given them the day before. I could have just been told that there was a sale for friends and family and that if I wanted one, I should talk to an associate that I may see often. I don't think that would have been too difficult.


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          Hey Mike 3206,
          I do apologize for reacting to harshly. I am a novice woodworker who likes Ridgid tools and I just happen to work for Home Depot (11 years next month). I came across this website last month and thought it would be good place to find woodworking advice. Instead what I found is a venting forum to bash Home Depot at every opportunity. I understand people looking to get the best deal on tools that they can, but keep in mind that retail stores (including HD) are in the bussiness of making money. They pay a certain amount for goods from their vendors and then sell to the public, hopefully for a profit. This is what keeps a bussiness open and hopefully keeps people employed. I have seen lot on this website to suggest that Home Depot is not doing a lot of things right, and as a veteran employee this upsets me. I have talked to management in my store, and at the corporate level to address some of the things I have seen on this website, and hopefully things will slowly get better.
          Don't be too hard on employees at the store you shop at for not knowing about the 10% coupons. It was not widely known about until the distribution of paychecks last week.
          From the conversations I have had with Home Depot Management, Home Depot is committed to a healthy and lasting relationship with Ridgid Tools (Emmerson), and hopefully you will notice somethings getting better.

          Thank You

          Installed Sales Expediter
          Home Depot Store #134
          Cumming Ga [img]tongue.gif[/img]