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Possible purchase of R4511

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  • Possible purchase of R4511

    I am a new member today. I have a question about the R4511 Table saw. I
    know they have been recalled due to a problem when using stack dado blades.
    Is this the only problem with the saw? Will Ridgid fix the problem? If I purchase a used unit does the warranty transfer to the new owner. There is one for sale in my area in almost new condition and the asking price is $400.00
    Would appreciate any input on this. Thank you so much.

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    Re: Possible purchase of R4511

    This is a very good saw. I am not a Ridgid person so you will need verify some things with them. To the best of my knowledge the saw was not recalled because of stacked dado issues. It was the granite top. People did not know how to use it properly without chipping it or breaking parts of the wings.
    It's rock people ... it can't be welded, pounded or glued. You have to treat is like rock.
    I have never heard of Ridgid doing any kind of a transferable warranty, I'm sure you are out of luck on that one.

    The saw is probably a great deal at $400 as long as the table it'self is not cracked. A few chips where the mitre gauge moves back and forth will be normal. With this unit the mitre gauge should be set into the mitre slots from the back of the saw then drawn forward. Do not try to jam it in on the front like you do with a steel top saw. That is what causes the chips.
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      Re: Possible purchase of R4511

      R4511 recall was due to the arbor and a weakness at the outer ends of the threads if I remember correctly.
      Ridgid service checked each arbor and replaced if necessary.
      In my case there was no serviceman willing to travel to check my saw so they replaced the entire saw.
      You can search this site to find the serial numbers that were under recall, as it was only a few months of production that had the issue.

      For the money it is a good saw since it has a cabinet mounted top and lots of weight for smooth running and stability.


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        Re: Possible purchase of R4511

        $400 is kind of steep for a used R4511 in my opinion (when they were closed out many, many were sold new in the box for less than that). That said, it is probably still a bargain (as long as the granite is all in good shape and everything else is in working order). Would be hard pressed to find any other saw made that recently with the R4511's features for anywhere near that price.

        As was already stated the warranty will not transfer. But, if the saw serial number is in the recall range I am sure that Ridgid would still do the repair without hesitation. (A recall repair is not based on the owner, it is the device itself and they are still liable for an injury resulting from known faulty parts.)


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          Re: Possible purchase of R4511

          The recall on the R4511 was not due to the granite top. Some of the early models exhibited a tendency for the arbor to break while spinning a stacked dado set. It was a fairly small number reported, but it was a dangerous scenario. Not sure of the dates, but later models were changed. Ridgid should cover any costs of fixing a recalled saw that hasn't been fixed, but the actual warranty isn't transferable that I'm aware of. $400 does seem a wee bit steep considering that many were closed out for less than that, and that it has no warranty. See what they'd take for it.

          I've heard rumor that most of the granite major breakage was either due to the saws being doubled stacked by HD, or by people blowing out the miter slots by using the miter gauge as a lever...hard to know for sure, but many owners seem to really like the saw. With good alignment and good blade selection, it should serve you well.


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            Re: Possible purchase of R4511

            It's a great saw for the money. I would say that if it's in like new condition... and perhaps you can talk them down a little... you'll be losing the life time guarantee... but you'll have a saw that is much better than anything out there in the new market around that price range. I like the granite top... but it's either a love/hate relationship for most people.