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    Originally posted by L Turner:
    I have what may sound like a dumb question, but how do you get HD to accept a HF coupon?
    It's as Dave said, up to the manager. I tried 2 other HD's before the third agreed to take the HF coupon. Now, the 3rd one was the only one with a HF store near by, so that may have been a factor.
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      Originally posted by KenM:
      Now, the 3rd one was the only one with a HF store near by, so that may have been a factor.
      That's probably true. even though it shouldn't matter. I match coupons from Harbor Freight all the time and the closest one to me is 25 miles away. But it is the right thing to do and my store manager agrees. Now I just wish I could use it myself without my store manager looking at my like I'm stealing from the cookie jar.

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        [quote]Originally posted by Cuj0HD:
        But it is the right thing to do and my store manager agrees. Now I just wish I could use it myself without my store manager looking at my like I'm stealing from the cookie jar.
        Good for you, doing what you feel is right.
        It's like the Tool guy in the HD where I got mine. He said his normal discount is pitiful, and the manager might not like him using a HF coupon (he didn't know what HF was), but he had been wanting a Ridgid joiner for a long time. He asked for, and wrote down, the HF web address and said he was going home at lunch, printing it out, and his son-in-law would be in that evening to get the joiner for him, on the sly.
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          There is currently a thread running at the WoodNet site about HD changing thier price match policy. From what I gather it has so many loopholes in it that it make thier price match policy almost non-existent. They will no longer match Internet prices nor match and beat by 10% any local "promotion" price. Aren't all sales a promotion?
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            During last Christmas season, our local Lowes had a 20% off sale on all tools and accessories. The local Home Depot wouldn't match anything, which was a bit disappointing to say the least.



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              I haven't heard anything about a policy change. As far as internet prices go I will match the price after the shipping is added in. Unfortunately with so many stores in the company now it is impossable to keep everyone on the same page. that goes for any policy and pretty much any company that has so many stores. I have found that stores close to me but under a different district manager do things differently than we do here. That is why I try not to let it get to me when I hear the things on this board about the poor services recieved at other stores. But I do take all the info back to my store and use it to make sure I do the right thing if faced with that situation. I have alot of vested interest in HD and have been there for a long time so I have seen some changes I don't agree with. But I can't do anything about those changes. All I can do is make sure that my people do their very best to take care of every customer the right way.


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                I’ve been following this thread and decided to put in my 2 cents worth. I am a retired manager of HD. My instruction to associates was simple: we match and beat (by 10%) competitor’s prices on the same item. Too bad life isn’t that simple. If someone came in with a direct competitor’s (ie Lowes) 10% off coupon, I would accept it as if it were HD’s coupon. Too bad life isn’t always that simple. I would not accept a coupon from Harbor freight: They have no merchandise (to my knowledge) in common with HD. It just didn’t make sense to give discounts for dissimilar products.

                As to the ending of the internet price matching, it was too easy to commit fraud by printing a false internet quote and no way for the store to verify the accuracy of the pricing.

                For better or worse, how far to take price matching past the stated policy is up to the manager. As a stock holder in HD, I would hope the managers of stores would not honor a coupon from HF on a Ridgid tool: there isn’t a comparison in the product lines.


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                  I'm sorry, but in my time with HD the first thing I learned was that the best way to be sucessful in out business is to build relationships with your customer. Our prices and product mix alone will not do the trick. I have customers who have been shopping at my store for 15 years since we opend it and at the old location before that. And if have to take a hit on a tablesaw to begin that relationship and to gain that customer for life then it is well worth it to me.


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                    On a related note, I bought the 3650 a month ago from my local HD here in Canada. I was in the store this weekend, and saw that they had dropped the price by $200. I went straight to the customer service counter, and was told if I brought in my sales receipt within 3 months, they'd give me 200 bucks back.
                    Can't complain about that!



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                      On another related note, I also just purchased a TS3650, noticing that the price had been dropped to $599 CDN.

                      The assembly so far has been a hard! Here's some higlights from the manual:

                      * The same nut has been called at least 3 different names
                      * sometimes a bolt is called a bolt and sometimes it's called a screw
                      * One of the parts from the Herc-U-Lift system (the plate with the pedal on it) is different than the one depicted in the manual (I'm going to call customer support on this one, because I cannot get all four bolts in it)
                      * The nut lengths are given in imperial, but the heads are metric???
                      * The order of assmebly is completely wrong sometimes (how about: 1. How to line up your rip fence, followed by, 2. How to install your rip fence)

                      Anyways, So far I'm absolutely extatic that I was able to get this saw for the price I did; however, after reading this forum about the saw arbor, I'm going to have to make sure I check mine out!

                      Funny story (sorry this post is getting long winded) but I actually found this forum because I was searching Google for "Ridgid Table Saw Legs" because I noticed a bit of a wobble in the saw last night whilest assembling it. Here's hoping they make an after market upgrade kit!



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                        Hi Quentin,
                        Congrats on the new saw and the good price.
                        Can't argue about the manual, but it is better than most of them. Want a real nightmare get a Harbor Freight 14" bandsaw and try to use it's manual.
                        As far as the 'wobble', most of mine went away when I ran all the feet screws all the way up into the thread, and made sure the locking nuts vwere very tight. The rest went away when I installed 1/4" plywood side panels. I would have done the side panels anyway, the 3650 needs somewhere to store push sticks, push blocks and it's wrenches, anyway. I picked up a spray can of Rustoleum gray paint from HD that is just about an exact match to the front and back panel, looks like they came from the factory. I put some hooks on the sides to hang the accessories.
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                          Has anyone had any luck getting a discount off the TS3650 at any of the Las Vegas HDs?


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                            Check HD's website. If it is still going on, they were recently offering a 10% discount on any order placed through their website. You might be able to place your order through the website and pick it up at a local HD. Not sure about the part though but you might want to check it out.

                            Another possibility is to just go up to an employee and ask him/her if they have any Friends & Family discount coupons.

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                            I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                              Hi Ken, Scott and the rest. I see these posts are a couple months old but I HAVE to thank you for the HF coupon info.
                              First of all, I had to figure out what Harbor Freight was. Then I needed to see if there were any around here in the Philly/South Jersey area.
                              Lastly, I had to locate the coupon - thank you for the link Ken.
                              Anyway I called my HD in town here no takers on the coupon. Then called a second HD in the town over. On my third try at a HD about 20 minutes away, they said "probably". I rushed over, picked up the two boxes and got it for $439 plus tax! Whoo HOOO!
                              The box of rails is pretty beat up and I'm going to head over to my local HD to get a prettier box. Reading about the rails, perhaps my luck will be better if the box is in better shape too.
                              Again Thanks!
                              Stay well and play well.


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                                I went to my local HD yesterday and asked if they would take a competitor's coupon for a percentage off of 20%. They asked who and I told them Harbor Freight Tools, which we have a local store for here in town. The head cashier called the manager on the phone and got the OK to do it. I had already walked by the Ryobi BT3100 and they still had the $199 sticker on it! Everything was too good to be true! I asked the tool guy where they kept the boxes and I wanted to get this table saw. Another customer already had a different Ryobi model on a cart. While the tool guy was looking for the box I had to talk this customer into getting the same model I was getting. Even after showing him the better shell and aluminum components rather than the plastic components on the saw he wanted for $140 he still wasn't convinced. Once I showed him the completely inclosed dust collection that the model he wanted was lacking he was sold! Of course this helped my cause because now you have two customers each with the same saw expecting it at the displayed $199 price. I figure if they sold it for $199 two days ago they can do it now. The boxes turned out to be just around the corner so I helped the other customer unload his first saw and load the BT3100 on his cart. Then I went to scope out the Workforce drill for 9.99 and the 145 pc Dremel set. Couldn't find the drill and the 145 pc set was back up to 19.99 so I decided to grab my saw and hit the checkout line, finding the person who knew I was cleared for takeoff on the HF 20% coupon. The other customer was already in line having trouble with the price issue and by this point they understood via the tool guy that the price is indeed $199 as marked and not the $299 in the system. The HD tool guy wanted one for himself so I think he wanted the price to be $199 as well; I'm not sure if he knew it had ended Wednesday or not. Anyway they got the other customer taken care of but had some trouble with mine because of the 20% off. They can't do two discounts on one item so they had to figure up $199 - 20% and then subtract that from the $299 in the system to get to my total of $159.20. The tool guy said that's not just a deal that's called a "helluva" deal! The cashier agreed. They both seemed to be happy for me and told me sorry for the wait and I said at this price I'll wait as long as you need me too, no problem!

                                159.20 - 50 MIR = 109.20 for a new in the box BT3100!
                                tax was 13.56 so I'm looking at $122.76 Out the door.

                                Thank you so much!

                                Sorry I went with the Ryobi

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