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Depth adjustment stuck on new planer

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  • Depth adjustment stuck on new planer

    I just unpacked and set up my new R4330 planer but cannot even try the thing because the depth adjustment will not allow me to lower it beyond 1 3/4 inches. Nothing seems to be obstructing it but I hesitate to try to force it. Any ideas?

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    Re: Depth adjustment stuck on new planer

    Assuming that it's not operator error why not just return it and exchange it for another one. There is a 90 day no questions asked return policy on Ridgid products at Home Depot.
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      Re: Depth adjustment stuck on new planer

      Have you checked the repeat-a-cut setting? This series of stops allow you to plane consistently at various thicknesses.


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        repeat-a-cut setting set at lowest level. I finally decided to give up on it and return it to HD tomorrow, even tho it is a 2-hour round trip. The bottom of this planer contains a bicycle-type chain with no cover over it, right? Hard to believe that wood chips and sawdust would not get up into the chain under normal operation.


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          Re: Ms

          Best to ring up HD first before making your trip!
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