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Dust Collection for the TS3612

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  • Dust Collection for the TS3612

    I am picking up a TS3612 tonight from HD (They have one waiting for me in the back). And am wondering what I need to do to get proper dust collection setup. I know the TS242LS comes with all sorts of accessories and the TS3612 doesn't. So, what other parts do I need? Can I just hook up my shopvac to it, or is there a separate attachment that I need to purchase.
    What should I do to keep the dust off the motor ?

    - Jimmy

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    Ridgid maks a dust collection accessory (AC1098) for the 3612 that is usually in stock at Home Depot for around $25. I do not have one so I cannot comment on its functionality. When I get my saw I do plan to get the Ridgid accessory though.
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      I looked at it today at home depot. How much does the saw dust actually fall into this dust collect is hard to say. The TS3612 came with a zero-clerance plate, so I am not certain who well the dust collection is going to work.
      Anyone else have experience with it on the 2424 or the 3612 ?

      - Jimmy


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        I made my own out of hardboard scrap and a spare dust collector port, that is essentially the same as the Ridgid part.

        It works quite well, probably catching 95% of sawdust (assuming the operator remembers to turn on the collector ). A fair amount of sawdust remains banked up in the corners of the saw, but it ain't hurting anything.

        Many people mention sawdust coming off the top of the blade. If a lot is coming up above the table, it means the rising teeth are cutting, an alignment error. The falling teeth should do pretty much all cutting, carrying the dust below the table.



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          I bought one of those 14" square thingies, with the 4" port in the middle. Actually, on my saw, it sits nicely on the bottom rim of the metal saw case---works OK, but I haven't started plugging the holes yet. But, as Dave A. says, it helps to remember to turn on the DC


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            For 25 bucks, I might just go buy one. It sounds like a good thing. It is too bad that i didn't come with it on the 3612 like the 2424LS model.
            - Jimmy