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A deal you can't refuse!!!

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  • A deal you can't refuse!!!

    Was looking through my new PWW mag that came today and seen an add for MLCS and thought it was a misprint, so I decided to check their site and see if the price was as is in the mag.
    Yup, it is. I've read some reviews on MLCS bits and content that they are more of a top end company. I remember few days ago someone asking about router bits, so here is the link.
    This is the deal I've been waiting for to jump on a nice 1/2" set of bits!
    Hurry while they last!
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    Nice set. It actually includes about 2/3 of the bits that I'd use, as opposed to the normal <1/2. [img]tongue.gif[/img] Hope that they would be the same grade carbide and quality as all their other stuff.


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      I'm not a router expert, but I am an MLCS bit set owner. I purchased the 15 bit set, and am very pleased with the quality of the bits. I have since read a couple of bit comparison articles, and the MLCS bits finished favorably in both. Not the 'BEST', but on a price/value they did well.
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        I would love to hear reviews of the MLCS bits from anyone that has them.


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          I purchased the 30-bit set approximately a year ago. Eight bits still have the protective coating on that they were shipped from MCLS with, and some of the remaining 22 have just been used long enough to see the results that they would provide. I have obtained satisfactory results with all that I have used so far and have not experienced any problems. I do 90% of my routing in Red Oak and have not noticed any deterioration of the cut yet, but I doubt that I have cut more that about 50 linear feet with any single bit. I have a question for anyone that has experienced a bit breaking, do they just disintegrate and turn into soaring shrapnel?



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            I have been using MLCS router bits for a while now. Have been very satisfied with them. They are good quality and price is very good. They are very prompt in shipping your order to you. Good company to work with...
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              depends upon the cut your making and a wide assortment of variables. I've broken alot of bits, and most have not been dangerous. There is a reason for the plastic shield above the bit on the fence on a table set up, use it when possable. Same as for inclosed cabinets if the bit goes downward. I have not broken a bit in a non table procedure, and hope I never see it either. I think I'll order a good leather apron for a little extra safety.
              I've yet to experience a discintigration. Most snap off just below the carbide and find wood to mar up.
              John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                Funny, I've never broken a single bit. Never used a cheap import brand, either. I think I shall maintain the status quo on both counts.