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  • discontinued?

    Hi all, I am new to woodworking and am looking to buy a table saw. Ive been at HD lookin at the Ridgid saws. While on the net I read that Ridgid wasnt going to continue making woodworking tools. Is this true or not??? help clarify this.

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    The Ridgid name is no longer being made by Emerson. Manufacturing has switched to the parent company of Ryobi.


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      "Parent company of Ryobi"??????

      Thats a new one. Is this correct?
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        Yes, Greg---OWT owns Ryobi, Ridgid wwing tools, Metabo (sp?) Homelite, etc.


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          Ah Dave,..... can you provide some documentation that OWT owns "Ridgid wwing tools, Metabo (sp?)"? Thanks.

          Greg, actually TTI is the parent company of Ryobi. If my memory is serving me correctly, Ryobi is a subsiduary of OWT which in turn is a subsiduary of TTI. But then again, I could be wrong.
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            That's strange.

            "Emerson Professional ToolsTM manufactures our own globally respected brands, such as RIDGID®"

            I know that I am new here, but Ridgid's main site has the emerson logo and if you follow it to Emerson's site they claim to still make Ridgid products.


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              Emmerson still owns the rights to the Ridgid label is my understanding and they are still making the Hand Tools. The free standing power tools such as table saws and the like is what they are no longer building. But they are apparently creating the specs, and design, while Ryobi handles the building, quality control, marketing, and customer support.

              I get lost in all this stuff sometimes though


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                I'm so confused! Sounds like something from Dilbert.


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                  To clarify?

                  Peter hires Paul to design. Peter buys patent. Peter then hires David to manufacute, who subs it out to Frank. Frank then Subs out components to all his friends, who are all overseas. Frank hires Dick to assemble, package and ship.

                  Peter swears his design is exclusive, and issues a warranty, but since his contract states David will handle that...David goes to his sub.....

                  Any clearer?

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                    I get it OU...
                    So, Peter and Paul worked together to establish the brand for several years. Then, manufacturing costs got out of hand so, Peter decides to bid out the production of the brand. Dave submits the low bid because his buddy Frank's overseas connections, Kim and Chow, are already manufacturing similar products for other companies. Dave signs contracts on both sides and gets his cash upfront, including a customary "retention" based on units ordered from the actual manufacturers. Customer service calls start coming in but Dave already unlisted his number, assumed a P.O. box for an address and redirected all calls to Frank. Dave is actually on a beach or ski resort somewhere. remeber, he got his upfront. Franks on the hook here because he didn't get "jack" upfront and is a litgitimate businessman. Its left up to him to handle customer service. This isn't his area but, he's gonna do the best he can. Frank asked everyone to be patient. Meanwhile, Peter and Paul look at each other and wonder why they expected any better from the LOWEST BIDDER!!!
                    keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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                      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                        ROFLMAO Greg.

                        Too funny.

                        I THINK YOU FINALLY GOT IT!!!



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                          I thought my first response pretty much described the "Peter, Paul, and Mary" scenario, but in fewer words:

                          "Manufacturing has switched to the parent company of Ryobi."


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                            I get it too UO ____ just like they do here in building trades. We have 20 layers, all subs, specialty chaps,draftsman, etc ... the GC far removed actually.
                            Yet when the thing is done --- it still remains the GC's liability. So whomever does the "signage" on anything should be the ultimate chap on!!!
                            What I've found is it doesn't matter in trades who's sign is the sign. It's more who does the work - the specs part of it. So if it spec'd right - I don't care as long as someone with "still in business name" is there to reach out to.
                            Trust that holds true here too.....lotta BORG's sitting around. Easy to jump someones rear in public setting if all else fails. No one likes that
                            Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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                              One question, who get's the peter, LOL?