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JP0610 in Canada?

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  • JP0610 in Canada?

    Hey all,

    Well I have been trying to get my hands on the JP0610 at the local Home Depot but it appears that they have all been removed from the Canadian Home Depot stores (or at least the ones anywhere remotely near me).

    Does anyone know how to get ahold of one up here? I could easily drive across the border and pick one up but I would hate to pay duty, etc on something that cost that much $$$$

    Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.


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    Re: JP0610 in Canada?

    Hey Adam, i picked mine up from Massena NY a couple of years ago. No duty only HST. But with the dollar almost at par, its worth the trip.



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      Re: JP0610 in Canada?

      Sorry to say, most HD regions here have cleared them out a year ago. I think some Northern/Midwestern areas may still have them.


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        Re: JP0610 in Canada?

        Thanks for the replies guys.

        I just spent a couple of hours phoning various HD stores in the Prairies, etc. No luck yet :-( I will keep trying.

        If I absolutely can't get any luck at all, I may think about jumping across the border like you are suggesting Marc. Either that, or look for another brand on craigslist or kijiji.