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New Herc-U-Lift and Biesemeyer

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  • New Herc-U-Lift and Biesemeyer

    As someone mentioned, in another thread, you can fit a Biesemeyer 50 inch, on a Rigid TS (2424), which you could always do with a little work. I have one on my old Emerson/Sears, and it tends to be a little imballanced.

    Jake said, earlier, that you can use the new Herc-U-Lift, with an old Craftsman---

    Has anybody used it with any angle braces, from the end of a 50" fence and table extension, to the base of the Herc'?? I need to do something, as my homemade mobile base is showing it's age.

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    With 50" of rip capacity you should have some separate legs, otherwise a heavy sheet good could cause the saw to tip over. The Herc-U-Lift will lift the legset of the saw itself, but there are no provisions to lift a side extension. The Herc-U-Lift may lift the whole thing without any trouble, but we have not tested it so I cannot make any specific recommendations.



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      My dad put a lift on his Emerson made Crafstman this year(he loved mine on my TS2424) You will need to do something to stiffen up the stand itself. It is made of much lighter gauge steel than the Ridgids. When he moves it, it does not sit back down correctly and then it shifts during a cut. Just a thought.


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        Yes, the old stands, on the Sears Emerson's didn't even have stretchers on the bottom. Fixed those issues years ago---it's just now, the old base I made (plywood, with casters) is starting to bow--still moves around--just was hoping someone had found a good combo with the Herc', as I like it because I would really like to get rid of those old legs as well as the old mobile base.