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  • Miter saw ZCI

    I made a miter saw ZCI yesterday. Something I have been meaning to do for a while. I had the piece of
    true 1/4" ply laying around just for this purpose and I finally decided to make it.

    My SCMS is the DeWalt DW-708. I've had it about 8 years now I think.
    The stock Kerf Plate (p/n 395672-00) as DeWalt calls it is a two piece design. They are currently priced
    at $4.30 each and you need two for a complete setup if you want to replace with the stock parts.

    I removed the stock kerf plates and measured the depth of the recess, it was 0.256" so just slightly over
    1/4". The width was 3" and the length I didn't measure just cut my blanks to match the length of the stock
    kerf plates.

    I ripped two pieces of plywood just over 3" wide so I could use a hand plane to fit them after shaping. The
    stock kerf plates taper a bit at the ends. There are also three counter-bored holes for mounting screws and
    on the underside there are the ends of two screws that need a clearance hole drilled in the underside so the
    ZCI will lay flat.

    I used the stock kerf plates and traced the edge profile onto my blank. I then used a combination of block plane
    and disc sander to shape to fit snugly. When I had the required shape I laid the ZCI in the slot but because of
    the two screws that protrude up from below it would not sit flat. The next step was to lightly tap the top of the
    ZCI over the location of each of these screws to leave a mark on the underside of the ZCI. I used this mark to
    locate where to drill into the underside a clearance hole slightly larger in diameter than the screws.

    For the mounting holes I first drilled a 3/8" Ø counterbore using a brad point bit to the depth of the screw head,
    then changed bits and drilled through the ZCI with a 3/16" Ø bit. The location of the holes was copied off the
    stock kerf plates, no measurements were taken.

    And here is the result. I have not made the second ZCI yet but I plan to and have it on hand to be used for any
    angled cuts I may make. I find I rarely tilt the blade left or right on the miter saw. I will usually perform those cuts
    on the table saw or the RAS, depends on the application.

    The photos are not the best, I grabbed some quick shots with my cell phone camera.

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Miter saw ZCI

    Nice. How old was that piece of "true ¼" ply"?
    Diapers and Politicians need to be changed often... Usually for the same reason.


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      Re: Miter saw ZCI

      Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
      Nice. How old was that piece of "true ¼" ply"?
      Older than that saw I bet! LOL

      Nice job Bob. I have been meaning to do the same from my Bosch (which is similar in that the stock throat plate is two piece).


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        Re: Miter saw ZCI

        That looks good, nice work.


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          Re: Miter saw ZCI

          Actually that is some 5mm ply. You may remember a few years back I came into a bunch of shipping boxes from a restaurant supply company. The boxes held commercial microwave ovens which came from Europe, don't remember the country of origin at the moment. All the boxes were made from this 7ply 5mm veneer core plywood. I kept a couple of the boxes intact with their lids to use for storage and cut the rest up to give me a stack of 28 sheets, most of them about 26" x 34". I've saved them for special projects and still have about 2/3 remaining.

          My DW-708 is about 9 years old, the plywood is only about 4 years old.
          "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006