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  • hornory mitre guage

    Lately I have been having difficulty pushing my mitre gauge on my 2424. It does not want to glide smoothly in the mitre guage slot. Would preping the table and slots with paste wax help? Anyone else have this problem? It seems to be friction related.
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    Wax, TopCote® or any of a number of other products will work. Its a good idea for rust prevention also. If you choose wax, don't use one with silicone in it.

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      Did you or anyone else happen to knock the guage off the table? I did that the day after I got my saw. It took some filing and saning to get it to slide good again. i guess this is part of the reason I am apprenhensive about buying a nice one.


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        Sounds like a good place to start checking. Use a reliable straight edge and check the bar. Also check for signs of where it may have it the floor.

        As for lubing the miter track, I use graphite powder. It can be a bit messy if you use too much, but it has great lasting effects for lube.

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          Graphite powder, great idea. Where do you get it, at the big boxes?
          Droping mine prompted me to buy an Incra,(love it) much better tool than the one that came with my saw.
          I think the ones that come with tablesaws are little more than push sticks.