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Woodtek saw blades?

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  • Woodtek saw blades?

    Just curious if anyone on this forum is using Woodtek blades in their table saw or miter saw. If so, how do they compare to the premium sawblades on the market? I was at Woodworker's Supply today to buy a Freud blade for my miter saw and the salesman highly recommended the Woodtek instead. He said that is all he will use on his saws. I'm a bit skeptical since Woodworker's Supply owns Woodtek. I decided not to buy either one until I get more information.

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    I don't know about woodtek, but I do like the freud saw blades.
    Andy B.


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      I remember reading about Woodtech a while back. If memory serves me right, they are a German company. Not a high end, probably comparable to many brands on the market in that price range.

      I still stand by my theroy of cutting the wood larger than needed, using a less expensive blade. Keep the jointer blades sharp, and finish off with the jointer. Jointer blades are still cheaper to have sharpened, or to buy to a high end tables saw blade. It's never failed for me, and it's less expensive than $100 blades. And if I hit something that effects the blade, I laugh at the cheapo blade, while others with the expensive blades curl up in the corner and cry. They can only afford ONE blade, and their done cutting. I just slap on another $10 blade and start making more saw dust!

      But that's me. And I'm a tight wad!
      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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        Are the freud saw blades that home depot sells the same quality blade that you can order through some of the woodworker magazines? How about the dado?


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          The Freud blade are very good at HD for the price.
          The Diablo blades are not the same as the woodworker blades but I am pleased with the performance.

          You can look here to read more.