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Planer knife bolts

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  • Planer knife bolts

    Question: On an R4330 planer, should I or shouldn't I put some kind of anti-seeze on the bolts?
    I turned one knife around and all the other bolts came loose but I was wondering this before I finish the job.

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    Re: Planer knife bolts

    Never mind...I used some anyway.
    I'll check them after a few hours of use to be sure.


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      Re: Planer knife bolts

      in the 30+ years I have done wood working I have never had a screw in a gib lock up or seize, so I never have used any anti seize, on them, and I have used a lot of anti seize, never even thought of doing it, on a gib or that location,

      I am sure that you would not have any problems using some on them, and it may be a good idea, if it is torqued properly.
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        Re: Planer knife bolts

        I would be a wee bit reluctant to put any kind of anti-seize on a bolt in that location as I would be concerned about the bold working loose with the vibration. It probably will be fine, but it would be interesting to keep an eye on it to see if it makes any difference. Wow ... always something new to consider isn't there.
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          Re: Planer knife bolts

          OK, I checked.
          I am not the least bit concerned now about using the never-seeze.
          I loosened one bolt on each of the 3 cutters. It did not release with the cracking sound as before. That IMHO is a good sign. It means to me that the goop is working.
          All of the bolts are just as tight as when I last changed the blades.
          BTW, I have probably put at least an hour on the machine since the blade change.