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    I was in Sears today to pick up some jeans on sale and always check the closeout section in the Tool Dept. Today found the BenchDog BladeLoc on closeout for $1.97. Well I really didn't need one for the list price of $14.05 ( ), but for $1.97 I figured what the heck.

    They also had many accessories for the DeWalt DW708 12" SCMS on closeout, crown moulding stops, hold-downs, etc.all at less than half their normal price. If you are in the market for any of these check it out.

    [ 02-10-2004, 09:16 PM: Message edited by: Bob D. ]

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    Blade Lock isn't worth $1.97. DeWalt stuff would be a good deal if you had $600 for the saw. Darned trouble is, all the stores don't do these specials----can't tell you how many wasted trips I've made to Sears for close-out specials someone else was lucky enough to find.