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  • lacquer help

    I brought home a small cabinet I made. I notice that in one spot on the top is rough. What should I do to fix the promblem? thanks
    Andy B.

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    If the cabinet has a Laquer finish, a quick fix would be buy a spray can of deft finish, in whatever shine matches your cabinet, spray it in very light coats...keyword is light... and keep some either mineral spirits or paint thinner and a piece of cheese cloth to smooth out if it does not match the level of the finish you have on the cabinet...keep appling until you reach the desired look...If that dosent help contact me at
    Phillip Allen


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      I'll try it this weekend.Can I use lacquer thinker instead of mineral spirits or paint thinner? thanks

      [ 10-29-2003, 07:52 PM: Message edited by: Andy B. ]
      Andy B.


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        Yes that will work fine...hope everything works alright


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          I can't speak to the solution Allenqualitytrim suggests, but my answer would have gone like this:

          Since you said that you made the cabinet, you know the finish.

          1. If you waxed it after finishing, first use mineral spirits (paint thinner) to remove any wax

          2. If the finish is lacquer or shellac (solvent based finishes, rather than reactive) and the roughness is in the finish rather than the wood (the fly walked across the final coat before it dried), then I would first try to rub it out with some fine steel wool. If it is deeper into the finish, use a small amount of solvent (lacquer thinner for lacquer, denatured alcohol for shellac) to soften the finish. I use a Q-tip for repairs, if they are small.

          3. If you missed the problem in the wood, decide whether you need to fix the wood (and refinish), or just want to try to bury it in more finish. The "bury" is hard and doesn't look that great, but I admit that I have done it.

          If the finish is lacquer, note that any use of lacquer thinner will soften (dissolve) the existing finish, but mineral spirits won't touch it. So be careful not to wipe the whole area with lacquer thinner unless you are sure the finish is not lacquer, or you are trying to remove the finish to start over.