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Ridgid 3650 vs Grizzly G0444z

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  • Ridgid 3650 vs Grizzly G0444z

    I posted this question before but only got one response, thought I'd try again with a different subject. About to make the investment in a table saw and budget has brought me to these two saws. I am looking for users of the 3650 to offer reasons why to buy the 3650 vs the G0444z. I have seen some reports from this group about motors, arbor length and such. I know some have considered the Grizzly and bought the Ridgid, why?

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    Hi again, as I stated in your last post these two saws are pretty even. It's tough to find a clear cut winner when comparing two $600 saws. I happen to have the Ridgid 3612 which was the predecessor to the 3650. Although I never considered the Griz when I was looking at saws, here would have been some of the reasons why I would have choosen the Ridgid over the Griz;

    1. No local Grizzly dealer. I hate buying anything that I can't play with first.
    2. Ridgid has the Herc-u-Lift mobile base, Grizzly has no mobile base.
    3. Ridgid has 36" rip capability to the right of the blade, Grizzly only has 30"
    4. Ridgid's top measures 27x44, Grizzly's measures 27x39-5/8.
    5. Ridgid's rails are 62½" long, Grizzly's are 57". If you wanted to add a router table to the saw, this added length could be a plus.
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      Thanks for your response Dave.
      I was curious if the motor hp comes into play here. Will that extra 1/2hp make a diff turning a dado for instance? I read one of the forum entries about the motor not being a 'good' one, what is this about? I noticed the arbor issue and not being able to use the SD608, while I am looking at the Avenger 42 tooth dado, is there something else I am going to come up short on?


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        I don't have either of the saws, but you need to make sure that you have the necessary power to support the Griz.

        It is pre-wired 220 although it can be changed to 110v, but at 110 it draws 24 amps. At 220 it draws 12.

        I know this would be a problem for me since the largest circuit I have in my shop/garage is a 20amp 110v and no 220v.

        Bob R


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          Thanks Bob
          Power was not a concern. I already have added a 220v for which ever saw I get. My dad is an electician, had a good teacher.


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            Not knowing what types of wood you intend to cut with your saw I can't really say if the extra ½ HP will make a difference or not. I rip 2x stock with my saw all the time and never have a problem. Your choice of blades would also make a difference no matter what saw you're cosidering. I've also cut dados as wide as ¾" with no problems. As far as the length of the arbor is concerned, I've also seen where the SD608 cannot be fully utilized on the Ridgid. I don't know one way or the other if it does or doesn't have the same problem on the Griz. Lastly, as far as the motor itself goes, I can't recall any bad reports on the motor Ridgid is now using on the TS, I could be wrong but I just don't recall any.

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            I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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              It seems in one of the past forum notes, someone 'complained' about the motor manufacturer implication that it was not as good as its older family members.

              I have been making furniture basically, so ripping 8/4 is a concern. As far as a non dado blade, I'm considering the CMT 216.50.10. Any thots?