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Cut non-ferrous on a TS?

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  • Cut non-ferrous on a TS?

    This may sound like a stupid question but, I am involved with a high school robotics team and was wondering if a 2424 could be used to *SAFELY*, and without damage to the saw, cut aluminum sheet 1/8" - 1/4" inch thick. I've seen blades for non-ferrous materials but don't know if they could be used on a woodworking saw. Thanks for any help.

    Best regards,


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    Works fine, actually.

    A couple heads-ups:
    The chips are HOT! Wearing gloves is forbidden of course, but tight long sleeves ain't a bad idea.

    If you are going to cut a bunch, I would pop for an inexpensive non-ferrous metals blade. For a very small amount, a regular carbide woodworking blade works fine.

    The chips are HOT! Clean out any sawdust ahead of time, and clean up right after. Few things suck more than a shop fire that starts after you leave. If the shop is attached to the house, that sucks more.

    Other than that, no biggie. Cutting aluminum seems to make a little more noise than wood to me, but hearing protection should be in use anyway.

    (did I mention the chips are HOT!? )


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      I'll make sure to do this out on my driveway with the ear muffs on. Thanks, and oh by the way, do you think the chips will be HOT? I think I read that somewhere on a woodworking forum can't remember where


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        That should work pretty well, Henry.

        Oh, by the way. The chips will be HOT!, be prepared.