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    I just bought a shop full of Ridgid tools. TS2424, Planer, Sander, Jointer from Home Depot. In general the tools assembled very nicely with no problems. Operation of the tools also has been very nice. I did run into two minor problems:
    1. The miter gauge clamp accessory is not up to the quality of the rest of the tool. It says on the box something like: Made in Taiwan to Ridgid quality standards". The first time I tried to tighten the Wing Screws on the top of the clamp, the "wing" portion on both screws broke off in my hand.

    2. The plastic dust collection chute on the 13" planer had one of the two plastic mounting tabs broken off.

    I'm not sure where to go to rectify these small problems. I dont think Home Depot will be the most helpful. They dont really seem to have anyone that really knows how the tools work.

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    The miter gauge hold-down is a joke! One of the wingnuts on mine also broke on the first use. I would contact Ridgid for a replacement, but I would likely get the same wingnut as a replacement. I'll just fix it myself with a quality bolt. The TS has been great otherwise.
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      You'll probably end up replacng the miter gauge anyway. It's pretty basic.


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        That must be something new. My TS2424's miter gauge didn't even come with a hold-down to break.



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          I think it's one of the promo's. I bought mine about 3 months ago and it didn't come with the hold down either. Dave

          ps How come you're not known as King Dave on this forum?


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            Dave and Dave, the hold down clamp was part of a promo that included a dust collection chute, a table insert for a 7" dado and the hold down clamp. The hold down clamp does seem cheap but since it was included I would expect it to work. Its little things like this that leave a lasting impression. I think Ridgid would want to think twice before throwing sub-standard stuff in with an otherwise quality product. just MHO.


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              I agree with you completely. Even if it's not the greatest it should still do the function it is suppose to do. That said, I still think that somewhere down the road you will replace the miter gauge it came with and buy a quality miter gauge. Dave