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    I just aquired an R4512 this weekend and have it up and running. I have a few questions that hopefully can be answered, but first, I suppose a little about me is fair. I'm a casual woodworker who's trying to better his skills. I grew up around tools, but never really had time to get into them. Now, I find myself living in a very cold climate and have begun to build a basement workshop, which is now centered around the R4512. So far, the saw has been great--I graduated from a Ryobi BT3100 that had seen better days to be polite).

    Regarding the saw, I do have a couple of questions.

    1. In the assembly instructions, it states that the blade washer should be positioned "dome side" facing the blade with an illustration that shows the blade washer like thes -( That is meant to show the arbor and the blade washer. However, later in manual, it shows the blade washer installed like this -), then the arbor nut. Please forgive the crude images. Which way is correct?

    2. Table extention between the rails. Has anyone done this and if so, how do you like it? Are the rails strong enough to support a router table in said wing? I would imagine the table with router would weigh 25-30lbs or so. I don't want to stress the rails.

    3. The split rail. I tried to align the front rails as best as I could, but I still have a little bump at the joint. Probably no more than a 64th of an inch, but the fense "bumps" as it glides across. Kind of annoying. Thoughts?

    4. The blade that came with the saw, a 40t carbide Ridgid blade, was warped. You can actually see it when you watch the saw wind down. A quick check with a straight egdge between the teeth confirmed it. It appears that the wrench/blade holder might have been cranked down too tight in the factory. Do you think if I took it to the local HD where I got it, they could replace it or is this a Ridgid warranty issues. I know blades are that big of a deal, but a 40t blade is still a 40t blade.

    Also, for anyone buying the saw, the way the manual says to install the lift system is poor. I found it much easier to install the front and rear caster assemblies separately to the front and back legs, then attach the rod that connects the front and back. Also, my manual showed the rear assembly installed upside down--but I think this was mentioned elsewhere. Other than that, the saw assembly was pretty straight forward, except for the weight. So far, the saw has been a dream, with the only adjustment needed being the riving knife and the throat plate alignment. Other than that, it has been dead solid perfect.

    Thank you in advance for the many stupid questions I will ultimately ask.

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    Re: Hello--new member


    Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

    This is a great forum, with lots of friendly and knowledgeable members. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have.

    I don't have the 4512, so I won't try to provide you any answers other than I would think the arbor washer should be like -) but, hey... maybe there's something there I'm not aware of. In any case, I'm sure a few members with 4512 experience will jump in here.

    Under this same heading you'll find some great tips and photos posted by another new member just a few weeks ago:

    I'm sure you will find it helpful.

    BTW, I'm still happily using my BT3100-1



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      Re: Hello--new member

      Welcome to the forum, TDK

      There are lots of knowledgeable people on this site. They are non-critical and very willing to help with good advice. Just reading the posts and answers are a learning experience.

      If you use the search feature with 4512 you may find a lot of info about your saw.

      Best of luck setting up your workspace.


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        Re: Hello--new member

        I have no experience with your saw, but I can tell you that your arbor washer should be installed with the concave side against the blade (providing the largest diamenter contact patch).


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          Re: Hello--new member

          Welcome to the group, a great bunch of people around here with a wealth of info to share. I'll be looking forward to your future postings.


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            Re: Hello--new member

            Thanks for the replies. I did install the blade washer with the largest contact patch on the blade. Still kind of surprised the manual showed it in conflicting ways.