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4511 & Delta 30" Unifence

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  • 4511 & Delta 30" Unifence

    I have an R4511 but am wanting to upgrade the fence system. Saw an ad for the Delta 30" Commercial Unifence (NIB) for $120. The number of posts here and elswhere have been helpfull in learning about the T2 but no mention of the U30. What issues might be faced trying to use the U30 with the R4511?

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    Re: 4511 & Delta 30" Unifence

    Just depends on the standard drilled holes in the U30. I would feel pretty confident that Delta would standardize the holes in all their rail and fence offerings.

    My T2 ended up a bit high, but attached with 2 matched up holes front and rear rail. Have left it that way so far, but it does limit my miter gauge a bit as it has to slip in just past the fence tube.

    Not a biggie for me as I mostly crosscut on my SCMS.


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      Re: 4511 & Delta 30" Unifence

      For the past 20 years or so, I have been using a 30" Unifence on a General 350 cabinet saw. Having moved into a much smaller shop, I was unable to bring along the saw, so I purchased the R4511. I love the saw, but I have not been able to adjust to using the stock fence. I really miss the Unifence!

      So I have purchased a 30" Unifence that I am going to install on my R4511 shortly. The Unifence rail mounts differently than the stock 4511 fence -- i.e. it is an extrusion with tee slots designed to bolt directly to the front face of the saw table instead of resting on a support angle. However, this attachment method doesn't work directly with the R4511 because you have to have access to the rear of the attachment bolts to tighten them.

      I have decided to replace the stock R4511 rail support angle with a 2"x2"x1/8" steel angle attached to the front of the R4511 granite table and extensions with holes drilled and countersunk to match the original rail support angle on the R4511. I elected not to use the stock rail support angle due to the large radius between the legs which would prevent the Unifence rail from nesting against the upright leg of the angle. To compensate for the smaller inside corner radius of the new angle, I am going to attach a 1/4" steel flat bar filler screwed to the vertical leg of the angle. The Unifence extrusion will butt against the filler.

      The new Unifence extruded rail will rest on the steel angle and be attached by a series of 1/4" bolts drilled and tapped into the bottom of the rail. Altho the new Unifence rail is about 64" long, the new steel support angle will only span the width of the granite table and extensions. The Unifence rail extrusion is very rigid, so leaving 24" or so unsupported on the right side of the saw shouldn't be a problem. In addition, I am replacing the rear angle with a longer one which will match the length of the Unifence rail. There will be an auxiliary table installed between the Unifence rail and the rear angle.

      After seeing some of the modifications to the R4511 posted on this forum, I am also fabricating a new base for the saw and some other improvements which should be of interest to other forum members. I plan to post pictures and descriptions when I complete the makeover.

      I apologize for the length of this post, especially since it is my first one here, but it is a little hard to describe this modification in just a few words.


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        Re: 4511 & Delta 30" Unifence

        Welcome to the forum Paul, and I see no need to make apologies for a lengthly post. Use how ever many words you need to say your piece. There is no reason not to that I am aware of.

        By all means please post your modifications to your saw.
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