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Where is the arbor wrench?

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  • Where is the arbor wrench?

    Just assembled a new TS 3650. Can't find the wrench for the saw blade. Where should it be? Thanks/

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    Just finished my TS3650 this past weekend. There are two identical wrenches and mine were found in a slot in the styrofoam packing, wrapped in a plastic sleeve. Hope you find yours!



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      Thanks. Fortunately, I haven't thrown anything away yet......... Found them. Thanks again...

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        I never cared for the wrench that came with the saw. Blade changing has become much quicker ever since I purchased a boxed end wrench. The arbor nut on my 3612 is 1-1/16" and I'm assuming it's the same for the 3650.
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          SOunds like a good idea to me. They are flimsy.


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            Reminds me of when I assembled my 3650 back in December. I looked 3 times and couldn't find the leg brackets. I called Customer Service and they said I would receive some new ones in 7 - 10 working days. After the call, I looked one more time and found them in the bottom of a styrofoam cavity and completed the assembly. Guess what arrived yesterday! Yep, my leg brackets. No wonder Ridgid CS is so slow. They only had 7 - 10 working days in the last 6 months!
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              I wrapped selfusing electrical rubber tape on the wrenches, which makes them more comfortable to grip. I read that in tests, overtightening the arbor nut causes problems ,it should not be too tight or it will distort the blade. I was using a 1 1/16" combo.wrench but I thought it was overkill. I went back to the supplied wrench.