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  • R4510 Dado Set

    The manual for the R4510 table saw says to use a 6" dado set. I'm new enough to woodworking that I need to ask: Is that just a minimum size, and am I okay going with an 8" set?

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    Re: R4510 Dado Set


    Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

    No, you shouldn't use an 8-inch dado set. Stick to a 6-inch dado set as stated in your owner's manual.

    The R4510 is a very good saw, but like most of the saws of this class/usage, it employs a "universal" type motor. While this motor type offers excellent service, it is somewhat dependant on it's higher rpm speed and does not have the higher torque required by larger diameter dado sets (as the diameter of the dado stack increases, so too does the "muscle" required to push it through the wood stock.) For this reason, a 6-inch dado would be best.

    Likewise, for everyday use, a thin-kerf blade should also be used.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: R4510 Dado Set

      Yup ... that's right the 6" is best, otherwise you may be trying to spin too much steel. There is a LOT of weight in an 8" dado set when it is dressed out to 3/4" thickness. A 6" diameter has a surprisingly smaller amount of weight. The 8" dado sets seem to be more readily available, but you are best to to get the 6" ... your saw will thank you.
      (and BTW the cuts with the 6" will be at least as good as with an 8" dado)
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        Re: R4510 Dado Set

        I'm just getting into woodworking as well, and am looking at purchasing the R4510. One of the main reasons I'm getting this saw is to make Dado cuts, plus all the other obvious benefits of a table saw. (I've never owned a table saw before) This saw appeals to me because of it's portability, I don't have a lot of space! So I'm concerned about a few things here. One I can't find anywhere to buy the dado throat plate. Home Depot here in Canada which I would be going to buy this saw from doesn't appear to carry it. Also at a glance most of the stores in my area only carry 8" Dado Blades. Canadian Tire does show a 6" Dado but it says it's for a Circular Saw - could I even use this on a table saw? Excuse me if these are dumb questions but I need to find answers before I go and invest in this saw.



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          Re: R4510 Dado Set

          Leecraft now sells a Zero Clearance Dado Insert that you can cut to the width you need (by raising the blade / dado set up through the insert the first time).

          They are sold at Woodcraft (incl online), and at for about $24.


          PS I originally bought a large number of Ridgid's "factory" Dado insert plate, and it has a large width hole (about 1" wide), but isn't "zero clearance", and leaves enough of a gap to the sides to allow a bit more tear out.

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            Re: R4510 Dado Set

            Thanks for the info, I'll look into this zero clearance insert.