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  • 6" dado insert for TS3612???

    Just curious about something. Since I won't be doing many dado cuts, and they won't be very deep, I have been told I can live with a 6" dado blade. However, Ridgid only makes a 7" or 8" dado insert.

    My question is can I safely use the 7" dado insert for a 6" dado blade? Should I use a zero-clearance insert instead for the 6" dado? If not, where does one find a 7" dado blade? I have found plenty of 6" & 8", but not a single 7" (that isn't a "wobble").


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    The 7" Dado insert that came with your saw (I assume) is for the molding head attachment that is available as an accessory from Ridgid (AC2008).
    I received the insert with my 2424, and the the molding head was part of promotion that came with my RS1000.

    Dado's come in 6 or 8 inch, no 7 inch is made to my knowledge. A zero clearence is always better than a stock insert, but is not neccessarely needed.

    I can not recommend any 6" dado stack for any 10" table saw. It's more or less designed to work with the 8" table top saws. Which I used for near 20 years before I set up my designated shop.
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      A 7" dado insert part number(ac1025) is fine for most cuts. A zero clearance insert is used for short stock. The only thing I would make sure is if in the furture you plan to get a molding head cutter that the dado plate will allow a molding head cutter to come thorugh. I would look at an 8" dado head. Jesada Joint Master 6"($139.00) or the 8"($179.00) these set are worth there weight in gold. If you have a bit more money I would get the Cabinetmaker's Utilmate blade package From Jesada. You get two 10" saw blades and a 8" dodo set for ($289.90) I hope this helps!

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      Andy B.


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        Well, the saw did not come with a dado insert. It came with the regular insert & a bonus zero-clearance insert. Guess I should probably go with 8" dado blade. Who knows what I might want to use it for in the future.

        I just thought it was weird that Ridgid sells a 7" dado insert for their 10" table saws. I have seen several 7" wobble dado blades, but those are worthless in my opinion.



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          The wobble dado heads are worthless!!!!!
          Andy B.


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            Sears sells a 7-inch dado set, but I would not recommend it, the diameter of the chippers is slightly less than the blades, which result in the center of the bottom of the groove being slightly elevated from the edges of the groove. I purchased this model and I believe I would have been more satisfied if I would have spent the extra money on the 8-inch Freud.

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              Woodslayer beat me to the punch on the Sears 7" set. No, it doesn't leave a great bottom, BUT, it does make a very clean cut on plywood---no chip out---your choice.

              I WOULD NOT recommend an 8" dado set---first, unless you're doing a lot of dimensional lumber dados, you won't need it and second, that's a lot of weight for a 1 1/2 hp motor to throw around.


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                If you're happy paying the price, why not just go with the 8"??
                The width of the Dado Sets are all about the same, maxing out at around 13/16" Therefore, the Dado insert is OK to use with 6", 7" or 8". ZCI are better, but of course, you may have to make a variety to deal with the different widths that you set up.

                I use the HF 8" set which you can get for $30. It has 42T blades with 6T chippers, and gives surprisingly good results with really flat bottoms. It has less expensive C2 carbide teeth, which will blunt sooner that the more usual C3, but for occasional use its fine.