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    With all the rain that fell in the Boston area this week, my cellar, shop, flooded. Thank god it didn't start till I got home from work. I have been buying machines since Christmas. I bought a TP1300, j0610, and a TS3650. I moved them to the highest point in the cellar, and started pushing the water towards the sump pump. The water never even touched the legs of any of the machines. LOML would have been in a nut house if those new machines got wet. I think that I would have been the first in the ambulance though. Any way, all is dry and hopefully can get eveything back to normal by the end of the week end. Thanks for listening.


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    Glad to hear that they didn't get wet. I would suggest that you get all the cast iron surfaces covered with a couple of layers (at least) of paste wax or some other protectorant. With the raised humidity rust could still set in quickly.

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