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Update on new 4512--customer service huge fail for very simple issue

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  • Update on new 4512--customer service huge fail for very simple issue


    I purchased a 4512 on 1/7. As I mentioned in my original post, the blade that came with the saw was warped. It comes shipped on the blade holder on the side of the body of the saw along with the arbor wrenches and it was actually "bowed" to the point that as the saw winds down, you could see the "wiggle". I also verifed that the face of the blade is not flat (between the teeth of course). I tried going back to the store where I purchased and they directed me to Ridgid as this is "warranty". I called Ridgid customer service twice and spoke to two different reps. They both told me that I needed to go the store where I purchased the product and have the store deal with it or the only other option is to drive to a Ridgid authorized service center and have them deal with the bad blade. The closest service center is a little over 35 miles away, which is less than convienent.

    After hearing of all the great Ridgid customer service stories and how they go above and beyond to work with customers, I feel pretty dissapointed. I do like the saw, but I have to be honest, I'm thinking about taking it back on principal at this point.

    I'll let you know how it turns out.

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    Re: Update on new 4512--customer service huge fail for very simple issue

    I called a third time and asked to speak to a supervisor. The customer service rep would not connect me. Wow--just wow.

    Saw goes back this weekend.


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      Re: Update on new 4512--customer service huge fail for very simple issue

      Most OEM blades that are shipped with new saws aren't worth the metal they're made out of. The Ridgid blade that came with my saw was no exception and I didn't expect it to be. I'm not saying that's right or wrong just that that's the way it is. It usually doesn't take that long before the saws owner realizes this and upgrades to a better quality blade. It's you saw and you can return it if you want to but if a bad OEM blade is all there is about this saw that bothers you, you may want to consider upgrading the blade now as you probably would be doing that shortly anyways. I wouldn't let them off the hook though as the stock blade could be used for carpentry type work. Take the blade back to HD, ask to speak with a manager, and explain that they can either change out the bad blade at that time or if they don't you will gladly bring back the saw in pieces as you've already thrown away the shipping carton. My guess is they'll take care of you on the spot.
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        Re: Update on new 4512--customer service huge fail for very simple issue

        Just to clarify, I totally agree the oem blade was nothing special and I did change out the blade to one of my own, but I was pretty dissapointed that I got such poor responses. I started with the store with the actual manager who sold me the saw (luck of the draw he was on the floor when I purchased) where I bought the saw and ended with Ridgid. Both pretty much blew me off and pushed me to a service center. To me, it's more of a principal thing and scares me to think what happens if something serious goes wrong. I have to think this one over as I'm a little frustrated right now. Maybe it's bad examples of both, but it's what I've been handed.

        Who knows.


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          Re: Update on new 4512--customer service huge fail for very simple issue

          i just don't understand the problems some users have with new ridgid products. i own 7 or 8 various tool/combo kits, a ts2412, a 1/2" electric impact wrench, a 6" jointer, a tp 1301 planer and an oscillating spindle sander and ridgid has never denied me anything i've requested. i purchased a clearanced and no longer produced 36" rail kit that was the same style as the ts2412 rails, but 12" longer. paid $20 @ my local HD for the kit which originally retailed for $200. after installing it, i notiuced the tape was reading 1/16" longer than actual measurement from the 13" mark to the 36" mark. i called ridgid CS.

          they indicated they would send me a new rail to replace the one i had. i made sure to tell them that it was not the same style front rail as was on the 3612 and the 3650. they indicate that's not a problem. rail arrives and it's the front rail to a 3650. since the rail is a different shape than mine, i can't use my fence with it. disappointed, i call ridgid CS. no problem, they say, we'll send you a new fence that matches the front rail they sent. a few days later, i've got the new fence. all at no charge.

          maybe i'm just lucky.

          if it were my saw, i'd bring it back. i like BD's pieces touch, but i could see them refusing any credit unless all the parts are presented at one time. but his suggestion, to make their jobs more difficult, is a good one. sometimes, the more effort you force them to exert to do something they have to do, the more likely they are to try to satisfy you. you have a right to get a tool that is in the same condition it was in when it was boxed at the factory, or compensation in some form for accepting something that is less than it should be.
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            Re: Update on new 4512--customer service huge fail for very simple issue

            It's a little frustrating to be honest when I hear about how great Ridgid has been to others. It blows me away when you say they shipped you entire rails. I was told point blank by 2 customer service reps that they did not have any parts larger than nuts and washers available to ship. I'm glad some are getting the famed customer service. I don't mean to discourage anyone from using HD or buying Ridgid, but I did feel it was fair to share my experiences.

            I'm going to try and keep the saw, even with the little front rail quirk. Hopefully it is a good tool.


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              Re: Update on new 4512--customer service huge fail for very simple issue


              Wow, after reading your posts it make me think you really haven't had particularly good luck with getting the "right people". I know it has got to be both frustrating and disappointing too.

              I do have to tell you that I've had fairly good luck and have yet to run across a problem with any of my Ridgid-brand tools and all have been registered into the LLSA system, so far. But, I've had the misfortune of running into some real "rascals" at Home Depot. Some have just been extremely negative, totally ignorant of the brand and absolutely no people skills at all. But that said, I've also had some very good luck with some and find them to be everything the others are not. Unfortunately the good are outnumbered by the bad.

              TTI Customer service is sort of a mixed bag too. While I have yet to go to any lengths to resolve a "Ridgid" problem (because there haven't been any), I have had a problem with a Ryobi tool, and in that case there's been a bit of denial and ignorance about the problem and it never did get resolved. At this point that tool is well out of warranty, but it's problems and lack of resolution on TTI's part is often a sore point with the many customers who were left hanging. Ryobi of course, doesn't have the LLSA like "Ridgid".... but they do share the same customer support center.

              I tell you what though... if you don't get anywhere with "customer support" then try "Technical Support", I've had good luck there. Also, it often boils down to just the "personality" that you get, some of these people shouldn't have a job, while others ought to get a raise! Also, if you're not getting good service from Home Depot, either speak to the store manager, or make a call to Home Depot's headquarters office in Atlanta. At that level, they're pretty positive on customer service.

              I'm in agreement that I would probably not return the tool, given all the other things that you might like about it and especially if your only negative was the lousey blade. But, there's no way I would let that go either. It's not your fault that the blade was improperly packaged and is "out-of-the-box" damaged. Whether it's a blade or a damaged screw, they owe you a replacement and when they refuse to do that, you have legal rights. If they don't step-up and fulfill their responsibility to you, the consumer, then you need to take steps. Things usually get worked out quickly; but when they don't, I'm not at all opposed to filing a complaint with either the BBB or more expiditiously, your state Attorney General's Office or Office of Consumer Affairs.

              I hope this helps,