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Herc-u-lift for Delta Bandsaw?

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  • Herc-u-lift for Delta Bandsaw?

    I have a Delta bandsaw that I want to put on a mobile base. What do I have to do to modify the Herc-u-lift to fit? Or should I just fabricate my own?
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    The short answer is “no” – I’d look to another solution to “mobilize” your Delta Band Saw.

    I have recently (over the last weekend) installed two Herc-U-Lifts – one on the stand for the Ridgid Planer and one on stand for the Ridgid Band Saw. I purchased the Herc-U-Lifts at the same time I purchased the following four Ridgid tools…

    Ridgid 14" Band Saw (Model BS1400)
    Ridgid 13" Thickness Planer (Model TP1300)
    Ridgid Oscillating Belt/Spindle Sander (Model EB2244)
    Ridgid 6 1/8" Jointer/Planer (Model JP0610)

    I did both installed before I mounted the respective tools on their stands. This is important because it is much more convenient to “throw” the stand up on your workbench and make the various adjustments and modifications while standing. Doing these same adjustments and modifications crawling around on the floor would, at best, be very strenuous. After this weekend, I’ve developed somewhat of a “love-hate” relationship with the Herc-U-Lift. Let me explain…

    Once installed and adjusted, the Herc-U-Lift does a fine job of raising and lower your woodworking tool. But, the install is so involved that the “trip diminishes the destination”. It would be like traveling from LA to NY to see a well-reviewed Broadway Play. You decide to drive and during the trip, your car breaks down three times, you take several wrong turns and go 100s of miles out of your way, you are robed once, assaulted twice, gas prices are at their peek and you make the mistake of driving into downtown Manhattan and paying for parking. On the bright side, the Broadway Play turns out to meet, and in some cases exceed, your expectation. If you’d only taken a plane from LA and hired a cab from the airport to the Theater, imagine how much more memorable this play might have been. This is what comes to mind when I “reminisce” about the Herc-U-Lift. Ridgid has designed the ultimate “one size fits all” device. The Herc-U-Lift appears to be installable on everything but Ridgid’s line of “shop vacuums”. As such, there are numerous tubes and brackets that must be configured and assembled in various ways to accommodate the particular “target tool”. The unit is made up of seven tubes that support the casters & foot pedal and attach the unit to the tool stand. Each tube, in-turn, is made up from one to three telescoping tubes whose length is configured differently for each “target tool stand”.

    Understand, I’m an electrical engineer; a decent machinist; a fair welder; I’ve designed and built three houses; I’m 57 years old and I’ve been working with tools since I was in kindergarten. There are not too many things that I don’t feel I could take apart and reassemble. I’m not bragging; I’m only trying to put the Herc-U-Lift in perspective. It took me longer to assembly and adjust the Herc-U-Lift for my Ridgid Planer than it did to assembly and adjust an entire Ridgid Jointer (without any help from a muscular neighbor). It took me longer to assembly and adjust a second Herc-U-Lift for my Ridgid Band Saw than it did to assembly and adjust everything else associated with the Band Saw. When completed, the Herc-U-Lift worked fine, but, like the Broadway Play, I question if the “destination justified the journey”. If Ridgid had developed separate and unique “lifters” for each of their tool stands, the complexity of what the end user is forced to deal with would have been significantly reduced.

    With that said, unless your Delta Band Saw stand is identical to an existing Ridgid stand, you might not be able to adapt a Herc-U-Lift to your tool. The Herc-U-Lift is not a “universal lifter”. It was designed with specific hole spacing, tube lengths and tube extensions to accommodate most Ridgid stands with a minimum of modification (i.e., I did have to drill 4 holes in the Ridgid Band Saw stand to accommodate a set of “extension brackets” that came with the Herc-U-Lift). If I were you, I’d purchase a Delta Mobile Base kit (this is one where you supply wooden runners and Delta supplies all of the other hardware). If I’d been familiar with this kit before I’d ordered the Herc-U-Lifts, I’d probably gone with the Delta solution.


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      Harv--that was the short answer?

      Steve---agree with Harv---you're much better off with the Delta Universal Base. With it's foot pedal control, it's almost as easy to use as the Herculift and a lot easier to install.


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        Dave - I agree. I purchased a Delta for both my JET jointer and bandsaw and couldn't be happier - had to use pieces of 3/4" plywood because the size they had in stock wasn't a perfect fit, but it works well. As far as the herc-u-lift, I've had problems getting it adjusted just right - high or low spots in the floor between its normal resting spot and where I use it, cause it to drag... what a drag...