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Aftermarket Goodies and 3612 Table Saw

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  • Aftermarket Goodies and 3612 Table Saw

    Does anyone have any experience with using aftermarket blade guards that are built for dust collection and / or splitters? I want to get rid of the debris on my table top and am looking for any compatible products with 3612. I like the price of the Penn State version, particularly if I mount it from the ceiling rather than the saw but was wondering how could I still use anti-kick back pawls with this?

    Any help is always appreciated.
    Patrick<br /><br />

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    There is a hole on top of the 3612's blade guard that can be used for dust collection. You'd have to make an adapter to connect it to a hose. Not hard to do, but seems like a clumsy place for dust collection. had a plan for dust collection off of the blade guard, I don't know if it's still there.


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      Splitter and pawls is what has kept me from doing the same on an older brother of your saw. Most commercial models don't fit Crafstman/Ridgid. There is a new one, but Merlin or some company starting with an M----but, if you look at it, it's nothing more than the lower half of the guard assembly you have now. Sooooooooooooooo, you could get an overhead guard and simply disassemble the existing blade guard from the lower splitter assembly----couldn't as for one that goes on and off easier!

      As to guards, I've only seen the Penn State in their catalog----would like to see it evaluated in a tool test----may be just me, but it doesn't look too strong---maybe it would work in an over head mount---of course, then you should check out the Biesemeyer site---they sell parts and you might find a deal---I have seen their guards and they're very good.

      But, as to dust collection----unless you're using a zero clearance insert, I've always found 99% of the dust goes down rather than on the saw top. Good luck.


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        Check out the latest issue of the Woodworker's Journal. It has an article on aftermarket accessories for table saws. It mentions the Merlin splitter, plus numerous blade guards/dust collectors.

        Then don't specifically mention that any work on the Ridgid. I guess you would have to call the manufacturer.

        As for the blade guards, I'm thinking of an aftermarket one that I mount to the ceiling to leave the saw open and still able to move it around.



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          Agree---ceiling mount is the way to go! You just have to guage your own shop use and if you can leave the TS in one place---either that or have the OH guard on some sort of quick relase system.