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  • danger in the work shop


    I have seen a website that a magnetic start switch can be started without actually striking the on-switch directly. My question is does any of ridgids tools have a magnetic start switch?

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    RIDGID tools all use paddle switches with removeable safety keys.

    A magnetic switch can be tripped if it is struck hard enough, but it takes quite a bit to do it. The advantage of the magnetic switch is the fact that if the power is cut to the tool and then restored the tool will not come back to life unexpectedly. All stationary power tools in an OSHA shop must have a system like this. If you are using one of our tools there is an inline power cut-off that you can purchase to fulfill this requirement.



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      Great information there Jake !! I have a HARD RULE and that is if the power fails I unplug what it is that I am using. I also NEVER leave ANYTHING pluged in in my shop, that way I will not have any surprises that would be unwanted. Even if I shut down to get a bite od a cool soda I unplug. Before I replug I do check to make sure that the whatevers switch is in the OFF position. If I do anything, change a blade, set up or whatever I unplug. take a moment longer but I feel that it is SAFETY FIRST.. dd