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  • TS3650 mobility

    Hi all. I am new to woodworking and purchased a TS2400 table saw. I have not used the saw yet and I am debating whether to return it and purchase the TS3650. I intend to build furniture but I am very limited on space. I will be working in an app. 8x12 shed and I will have to move the saw outdoors onto my patio to cut large stock, etc. I know the TS3650 would suit my needs better, but how feasible/practical would moving this 287lb. saw be in and out of doors. Will the saw fit through the 36" door opening of my shed? The shed also sits on a slab 4" above the patio. I would also appreciate any inputs as to the quality of the TS3650 compared to similar JET, Delta, and Grizzly models. Thanks.

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    The 3612 (and 3650) is larger than 36" deep because of the motor on the back. The 4" drop would be quite a problem also. The saw doesn't do well going over bumps.

    As for moving the saw around on a slab, it's nearly effortless. The caster system is very effective for flat surfaces. I had quite a struggle getting the saw (in a box) out of my truck when I bought it, but it's easy to move it around now that it's assembled.


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      I am faced with the same challenge of moving the saw (3650). I am going to design some bigger wheels to slip under one side and just lift the other side and roll it back to my storage building. The motor is duck soup to take off, and weighs quite a bit so that will help while moving it.