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    Hello all.... I bought a new RS from HD about 2 months age. I am new to woodworking but used a RS as a kid. I love the saw and have done a couple of small projects on it. I think I got a good deal on it. It was on clearance with 20% off and also had a yellow tag sale in progress, another 40% off( the sales rep told me about the sale before it happened.) Total price was approx. $275.00. Is this a good deal? any other RAS owners out there with any tips? Yes I plan on doing ripping and follow ALL safety rules religiously (they are posted by my saw and I use a check list before EVERY cut. Thanks all.

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    That's less than half the price of the RAS at my HD's....good snag!
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      Hi: A couple of tips are if it's on one of those metal four legged stands don't move it once it's set up. If your floor is uneven the legs will shift changing the table setting which will change your other settings. Follow the setup procedure exactly as outlined in your manual as one setting affects the others, make sure you set up square is true! When ripping be sure to feed your wood against the blade rotation (not with it) As with most tools don't trust the mitre settings when cutting angles, they are close but usually not right on, you can buy a gauge for this. Hope you enjoy your RAS as much as I do mine!


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        Thanks Ross. It took about 5 hours to go through the set up. I split it into two days when I found myself rushing. I have done about 200 cuts and it is still in good alignment.