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Rigid vs. BT3000

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    That "Lifetime Warranty" on your Ridgid excludes normal wear and tear and only covers materials and workmanship. They ai'nt gonna give you a new motor two years down the raod if yours burns out. Materials and workmanship are gonna show up pretty soon after it's put into use.



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      I was an owner of the BT3000, But I'm the proud owner of a Ridgid TS-2424-1. I'm sure the the owners who like the BT3000 are those who had not had any problems with there's but for my money there is no finer saw on the market then the TS-2424. I would have another Ryobi tool in my shop even if you gave then to me. They just dont hold up as well was Ridgid. As for the BT3000 being a belt drive, I guess it is but for my money two little rubberband size belts dont make a belt dive saw. If any one out there is trying to amke a choise between the BT3000 and the Ridgid TS-2424 go with the TS-2424 hands down it a much better saw.
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        I enjoy an unusual perspective on this topic. I have a Ryobi BT3000 which I have uses for over two years to make numerous piesces of Mission style oak tables. the saw is very capable, holds its alignment well, and has plenty of power. I have also purchased a TS2412 for my son. It too, like the 2424 is a very capable saw. It too has a solid fence which locks square to the blade. The 2412 (2424) has a larger table surface fron to back and the rip fence is longer. I don't believe you could go wrong with either saw. The Ryobi is innovative in its design and the Rigid is solidly traditional as a contractor's saw. Have fun abd be safe