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  • Zyliss Vise

    Saw this for the 1st time at the show yesterday. If anyone has experience with it, I'd love to know how you feel about it.

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    Curt---did you buy anything

    Zyliss Vises have been around for many years, and I don't think there's any quesiton as to their quality of product---not cheap, but well made.

    The question you have to ask is what would I really use it for. (note---when I'm at ww'ing shows, a question I find myself asking more and more) Second question---for the really neat functions, is there another, cheaper way of doing it.

    I looked at them for years, when I couldn't afford one. Now I could, but I also have found that you can do many of the same functions with a good workbench with vises and dogs.


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      Bought a Freud saw blade and blade stiffener.

      Didn't buy the vise for a number of reasons; some of which were: cost, no bench upon which to mount the vise, no room for the bench I don't have, and unsure of the uses to which I'd put it.

      Simply asked because it looked like a likely candidate for the mental file of tools to be looked at when the need arises more often.


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        No room for a bench---?? Sounds like a candidate for a Workmate

        Like I said---when would you use it---a question I ask a lot at ww'ing shows.


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          Got a Workmate - have had it for about 12 years now. One of the most productive tools I own. It's more than a little beat up now. It's just a little too small for the store furniture I'm working on now. 1st order of business is 4 counters 48" L x 28" H x 20" deep. Using 3/4" B2 maple plywood. After that another 5 slightly smaller units.

          Sure would be nice to have a 4' flat surface ...


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            I have one of those... It has multiple parts clamps a bunch of different ways. I bought it when I was very stressed in the business world and saw it an a Farm implement Show ( really ).

            I have found it exremely useful while I build new benches.

            I have been mildly surprised a how useful it has been. I am getting ready to build my first work bench. I am using Solid core door and 2x4 frame. I vise will work very nicely on this until I get a real woodworking vise.

            It was expensive. I mainly bought it to do something nice for myself when the rest of my life was pure stress.

            I am better now, I work for myself and very slowly I am starting to make sawdust.


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              Curt---having limited room myself (tho I've managed to fit in two workbenchs) have you tried building some saw horses---at the same height as your Workmate??? With a sheet of plywood--would probably be as close as you'd get to an assembly table. BTW---agree the older Workmates are a great tool.


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                Dave, I have a number of those plastic, folding sawhorses. Either the piece itself or in combination with 2x4 rails has thus far served.

                I'm looking ahead to when I will hopefully get to work on a few fine pieces. For example, my wife wants me to build an heirloom quality toy chest for our granddaughter. The Zyliss looks to be useful in a situation like that, but then, for the same money, I could get a good router.

                Right now the quality level required is only a little better than "beat to fit, paint to match."


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                  Zyliss? The maker of the finest Parmesan Cheese grater known to man? Hmmm, I wonder if it's really the same company. I've used their graters for many a year...excellent product, if they make the vise, it's probably the best.

                  On the other hand I have a $39 Larin vise from Sam's....swivel head and base with a pipe holder and plastic jaw protectors....wouldn't trade it.
                  Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                    Yep, same company, I like their salad spinner and garlic press...I know, nothin' to do with WW'ing, but sometimes you have to take a break!


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                      Re: Zyliss Vise

                      I've had one for about 25 years. Because of divorce andd sickness had to sell my tools 3 timed. Always kept the vise! It's 3 times stronger than it looks and 4 times as useful. Grab one any time that you can, you wont regret it. They are available from
                      have fun,