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R4330 planner fix

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  • R4330 planner fix

    For those of you with R4330 planner that head dont stay in place,on the raise and lower handle make a rubber washer, 2 inch dia by 3/16 thick with 1/2 dia hole in middle and a 2 inch dia steel washer by .125 thick with 1/2 dia hole in middle. Take these and put rubber on first then steel washer under cover on raise and lower crank and put cover back on should be just enough tension hold it and still turn it. Worked for me. Or ajust the rubber or thickness of steel washer as needed for correct tension. Hope this explains it little better.
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    Re: R4330 planner fix

    I don't have this planer, but have read several threads on this issue.

    Could you post a picture of your fix so others can better use your solution?