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    i am thinking of replacing my entire shop with rigid power and hand tools. any pros and cons?

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    I have quite a few Ridgid tools in stationary and handheld and have no complaints about any of them
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      Don't do it! No single manufacturer out there can provide tools that will meet the needs of every single consumer in the marketplace. My shop is full of tools made by different companies. TTI/RIDGID and Emerson/Ridge make some very high quality tools but that can't be said about every single product they make. In my opinion, you'll be much better off in the long run if you pick and choose each tool on its own merits and not because of who makes it.
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        As stated by Badger "you'll be much better off in the long run if you pick and choose each tool on its own merits and not because of who makes it".

        I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.



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          Do you know that you are only about a 2+ hour drive from one of the biggest power tool showrooms anywhere?
          Grizzly Industrial
          1203 Lycoming Mall Circle
          Muncy, Pa 17756

          I know guys that would kill to live that close to a Grizzly showroom. There are only 3 in the country.
          Even if you don't buy Grizzly, you can compare models side by side of any power tool you can imagine. You gotta see it to believe it.
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            Please accept the advice stated so far in this chain of messages.

            I have and enjoy some Ridgid products and beleive them to be good tools for the price but I also have some Craftsman/DeWalt/Bosch/Makita/PorterCable tools that I also enjoy using and believe them to be superior to their Ridgid equivalents. For example, have you used the DeWalt plate jointer? The fence system is the best out there.


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              I agree with the majority. No manufacturer has the best of everything. There are usually some stars, some dark horses, and some dogs. It's far better to at least research the most critical tools individually on their own merits rather than just blindly make purchases by name. Ridgid may or may not make your short list depending on what's important to you.