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Just got a Router so what's next?

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    Re: Just got a Router so what's next?

    Thanks for all of the Great feedback and info guys.

    Two questions on tables: (For someone that is just really starting with a router & woodworking for that matter)

    1) Is a table really needed?

    2) Am I better off buying one of the small table top tables, or am I better off getting a top and making my own bench?


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      Re: Just got a Router so what's next?


      I'm glad to know that I am not the only one new to wood working out there.

      Being new I will only share my opinion and approach to the router questions you ask not providing definitive answers. There is always more than one way to accomplish the same task.

      I wanted to make my own router table but after much research came to the conclusion that my skill level and experience wouldn't allow. I don't know enough about my needs or wants at this point. I will build a mac-daddy router table some day though!

      Given that I went out and purchased the Freud kit, legs, top, fence, router etc... My thought still is that I feel more comfortable using a router in a table at least to start. I know I can't do everything on the table but I look at it in steps.

      At the same time I wanted to buy a tool that would last and provide me the ability to turn out quality work. What I'm saying is I blame the user for the crap I am putting out now and not a poor quality tool.

      Again, these are just my thoughts, others more experienced will have better advice as well.