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Where to get Ridgid planer knives....

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  • Where to get Ridgid planer knives....

    I've got the 13" Ridgid planer in my home shop and am need of new blades. The local HD no longer carries them and they wont order them either. I've tried 2 800 numbers for Ridgid or Ryobi tools but have been on hold for up to 30 minutes each time. Does anyone know of another source for these?



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    Lance - This seems to be a common problem lately. I'll bet collectively this group could get their attention. To me it's unacceptable to not be able to buy replacement blades for this machine. For those of you who've purchased within the last 90 days, ever think about taking advantage of their 90 day return policy and staging a little wholesale return day for the TP1300's? I wonder if 814 returns of the TP1300 next week would get them to respond...Seems a bit extreme, but it's justifiable given the circumstances. It's their policy and your right.


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      Check all the major companies out there...Grizzly, Woodworkers supply and others. they all sell knives compatable with various machines. What you need to do is measure the blades in tha machine and find the closest fit.


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        Not trying to be a smart a$$ but I saw some here yeaterday,

        Home Depot
        2425 East Springs Drive
        Madison, WI

        Maybe they could sell you some over the phone and mail them out.

        I was there checking to see if they had any ZCI's on closeout to fit my 3612, they didn't . The clerk said that if I had the Ridgid planer I should buy some of the knives as he just got them in after months on backorder.
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          Go to, you can order the blades on line. They handle the Ridgid part now.


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            I was in the HD in Missouri City, Tx last night and saw a least thirty knife sets on the wall for $29.95. Tried to talk them into a lower price but no luck. Try them they may ship to you.


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              Before anyone asks, that was $29.95 per set.


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                I didn't know about this difficulty in some areas. I still have my original sets and haven't needed any, but this is not good news. Obviously, all HDs should carry these if they going to carry the planer. I suspect that if word got around that a few HD manager's got their ***-- whipped right out in front of their other patrons, they'd all carry them.