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  • forgive me for this post

    But... I keep receiving in the mail an offer from "Handyman Club of America" With offers of free tools if I sign up for a membership.

    Anybody ever done this?? I am guessing this is pretty lame.

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    Yeah I did it. It's true although the tool they are advertising will mostlikely not be the tool your get. I got this screw driver that holds like a gun with the bits positioned like a revolver (sort of). I subscribed with them but stopped after one year. Not enough magazines. They are more of the DIY type of mag...not wwing.
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      About once a year I get a free spaghetti sizing template from them. [img]tongue.gif[/img] What does sizing spaghetti have to do with being a handy man? They've also been "inviting" me to become a "charter" member for more years than I can remember. Isn't a charter member supposed to be a member of something from its inception? Save your money, can you say rip off?
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        Yeah, Badger Dave----Charter Member! I've got so many spagetti sizers I now just throw out the envelope----save your money for a real ww'ing mag, like Woodsmith, Wood or Popular Wwing.