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Finally got my 3612!

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  • Finally got my 3612!

    Nothing against the as-yet unseen 3650 or other new Ridgids, but I couldn't pass this up. $400, even, assembled display model.

    Of the 3 HDs closest to me, one was sold out, one had two... both without the rails ... and the crummiest one had a 2424 tagged as a 3612... in bad shape.

    I called around and this pup was about 12 miles away, so off we go. It had the $469 and I asked the tool guy to talk to a manager (no manual, dust on, boohoo, actually like new and well put-together). He never even came over but phoned in "400"... and I just hadda do it. I can put the difference to a new router, for cryin' out loud.

    Getting it home and into the garage by myself was by far the biggest challenge, but it's in there and I'm having a cool one, pondering where in the hell I am going to fit it.

    Reckon I'll be needing some shelves....

    PS: Thanks to Patrick A for the manual link in another thread... worked for me too. Funny thing was, I had downloaded it long ago when researching which saw to buy, and forgotten I saved it. Been stalking this thing for a while.

    PPS: Hope the parts thing comes together for the new Ridgid... I'll spot you a couple for the transition but that needs attention ASAP.

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    Congrats Mark----think you'll like it. Couple of things---

    First, I'd use the manual and go through and check each and every step in assembly before using the saw----It will not only help you learn the saw for later, when you want to do an alignment, but it's a good idea to check the work of HD employees. Note any parts missing.

    Second, for any parts you found missing and after you check against the master parts/accessories list, contact Ridgid and see if they'll send them free--(producing your receipt)---if not, just buy them and you'll still be ahead!