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Finally warm enough to work in the shop!

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  • Finally warm enough to work in the shop!

    I was finally able to get back out into the workshop last night, after two weeks of pretty cold temps here in Minnesota. I’m prepping stock for the next run of boxes I’m making…

    I’m looking to work in a few smaller boxes on the side as I’m building the Doug Stowe designed boxes and have these small, book matched pieces of Marblewood and Bubinga.

    I’ll need to plane these down to a 3/8 inch thickness and I don’t have a drum sander. I’m thinking of ganging them together, back to back, but I’m concerned about that little hop you often get when running shorter pieces through the planer.

    Any thoughts or advice on planning such short stock?
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    Re: Finally warm enough to work in the shop!

    your stock should at least be as long as the distance of the rollers are apart, so it can not jump into the cutter head,

    on short pieces some times I do find if I take a scrap stock and feed it in front and then directly behind it helps, (touching) also on snipe I have planed a (say 3/4" wide board)
    cut longer by about a foot some times use two of them and put on each side of the stock so the rollers and the bed are keep at proper tension as the good stock goes through the cutter head, (I have a old belsaw planer and there fairly solid machines but I do find it can help on thiner stock),
    I have never tried it, but I have heard of people using double stick tape, (use at your own risk), use a long board and put the short stock on with tape, and use the longer board to carry it through,

    the best way is to plane it down in a longer board and then cut into smaller pieces after there to proper thickness,
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