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New member looking for assistance with Band Saw

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  • New member looking for assistance with Band Saw

    I joined this forum hoping to get help with my Ridgid Band Saw BS14002.

    After purchasing I had vibration problems. After doing research I made the following modifications. Verified wheels were coplanar and in balance, upgraded the blade, added cool blocks, reinforced the top and bottom shelf of the stand with 3/4 inch plywood, and finally added a link belt.

    Overall, the band saw performs better but on shut down the saw physically "shudders" or vibrates?

    I realize I might have to live with this but can anyone offer additional suggestions?

    Thank you,

    Don Williams

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    Re: New member looking for assistance with Band Saw

    I don't have a RIDGID Bandsaw, but there are a number of threads about various fixes for them on here. The shudder on shut down could be from your belt and/or pulleys. Have you checked that they are co-planer? You said you installed a link belt. Is the belt tension correct? Too tight can be just as bad as too loose, especially on shut down where it can cause just such a shudder as you describe.
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      Re: New member looking for assistance with Band Saw

      I am with Bob on this one. The pulleys need to be coplanar and the tension needs to be correct (the link belt is more forgiving than a regular v-belt but you still need to be close). I did this with my bandsaw and it works perfectly.


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        Re: New member looking for assistance with Band Saw

        Hmmm ... this sounds most perplexing. I wonder, have you tried running the saw without a blade ? This might help you to narrow down whether or not the vibration is coming from the motor and lower wheel. That would the first thing I would try as it sounds like you have done almost everything else.
        Would like to hear how you finally resolve the situation.
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          Re: New member looking for assistance with Band Saw

          Also check that all the pulleys are tight. A loose/missing set screw can also cause the "shudder". My BS is not a Ridgid, but I did have the shudder problem. Found it was because the set screw on the motor pulley had completely fallen out. The belt was keeping the pulley on the shaft, and the key way was keeping it from slipping, but it was loose enough that it caused vibration when the motor tension changed. After replacing it, the shudder stopped.

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            Re: New member looking for assistance with Band Saw

            I to went through hell and back with my recent purchase of the Ridgid BS. I am currently still working on the write up to post on here for what I had to do, plus the base I made for it, review/etc. But I am waiting on new wheels from Ridgid first (yup, that bad), so all I can say is....

            Good luck cause its been a nightmare for me. However I have managed to get the vibration down from V8 with a lumpy cam with 2 broken motor mounts, to a V6 with 1 broken motor mount

            The base.......I will of course post the cut sizes, I love it, works great, etc.

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              Re: New member looking for assistance with Band Saw

              See pics on my FB page.

              1. Placed saw on solid base
              2. Link belt
              3. cool blocks.
              4. Timberwolf blade
              5. Balanced wheels

              Super smooth saw. Resaws 6 inch oak nicely!


              Agree with cheking pulley, and play with belt tension for shudder issue. WIth my set up my belt is now short as my motor is closer to the saw.
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